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 Att. Neil aka Hez-welling


Things are heating up in the middle east. Mind giving us a Jews' interpretation of what we are hearing? To us Gentiles it looks very confusing...

Of course, if there is any other person who understands what the news is reporting, go ahead and share...

God Bless.


Sandra Miller

 2013/8/15 22:58Profile

 Re: Att. Neil aka Hez-welling

My beloved sister Ginny,

now you've appointed to the office of spokesmen for the Jews?...(i'm laughing) its funny, you should bring this up, i'm sitting in the wildwood's, hidden away in God's country, and I was actually thinking of what life would be like on a kibbutz....most of them have privatized, so..its not like the "old days".

just a couple thoughts because I want to FLEE from this computer....and that's the first thought.

the news of the world is SO BAD...these days, it can take a sensitive spirit, and just crush it. do you ever feel that way?...I do. When I FOCUS on the news of the world, my spirit just GETS CRUSHED, and I've found this Truth in the Psalter, praise the Name of the LORD...I know what it means to "take refuge in God"...I know why any Blood Bought saint would desire and thirst to be IN Him, and Jesus in us....THAT is peace, That is Wholeness, and Joy...everything else?.....its just the debris of the world, and we have this available to us...the curtain of the Temple was torn asunder, right?...Now, you and I can both go in, via the ministry of secret prayer to the Holie of Holies!

Messiah Jesus opened the Way, and if we pray for anything, lets pray that God touches this one and that one, to go into the ministry of travailing prayer, secret prayer.

i'm not ducking your question, that's just what has been on my heart...God the Holy Spirit gave me a gift, a task, search out Scripture, and plumb the "architecture" of prayer, and Bless His Name, i'm just thru the Third Book of the Psalms....and then into the Gospel Accounts....I love Jesus so, because its Joy to walk thru the Word, and to partner with the Holy Spirit, and pick out verses for the Very Basis' of prayer. Just Joy!!! going to our knees should be Joy.

in our flesh? power, no nothing...on our knees, in prayer?...with tears, if you be so gifted?...Power in the Holy Ghost.

forgive me, if it seems i'm 'lecturing'...oh no, just testifying!!! GLORY!!!!!!

if I was an Israeli policymaker?...I would be so cross with the US/EU that is stirring up the pot in Syria...Israel doesn't "want" that.....high powered weaponry is being given to some very nasty characters, and its throwing the region up for grabs. Israel just wanted to end the Iranian nuke program. period end of sentence.

that's all, and now, it seems the US AND NATO want much much more....and the really potentially world shaking thing is...the Russians have said "enough"....there is so much more I could write, but its too painful...Ginny, a LOT of people are going to die......God doesn't want that, man's heart is so dark.

But on a bright note, lets you and I seek Nourishment off the Vine, shall we?

here's something that will brighten your spirit, and give you something to pray for....its testimonies from the Hebridean revival:

and here's a testimony from Mary Peckham, that is hosted by our dear brother Greg, you'll love this, Mary is a dear sister in the Lord:

much love in Jesus, neil

 2013/8/16 11:10

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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Att. Neil aka Hez-welling

I wanted to respond to this, not because I have any special interpretation of current events, but because I have been pondering the strange nation of Israel lately. I say 'strange' because this nation occupies such a prominent place in the world. It attracts such amazing attention when anything happens to it, out of all proportion to its size and power. Let something occur there, it is blazed across headlines, the eyes of the world are on Israel.

I am not a natural branch but I am grafted in, a spiritual Jew, and I have surely seen that there is no nation quite like the nation of Israel. When I think of them and what is happeneing there, I am reminded of what Paul asked in Romans 11, has God forgotten his people?

The emphatic answer is 'no!'. The casting away of them has meant the reconciling of the gentile world, what shall be the recieving of them but life from the dead? Whatever happens there, God will fulfill His promises, He will bring in the fullness of the gentiles(and I believe that means spiritual maturity and fullness), then the Jews will be moved to jealousy, and all Israel will be saved.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2013/8/16 11:14Profile

Joined: 2004/7/7
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now you've appointed to the office of spokesmen for the Jews?.

A typo? As a biological Jew I know you have insights into what is going on over there that I do not have. That is why I am asking you; you always have insights that are outside the box...


I decided I will not read the news much having adopted as my primary source of news - Fox discredited itself some time ago and keeps getting worse - so I do take a peek at the news occasionally and every time I do, I get sicker. It is a stupid world out there. I used to be a news junkie but no more - cannot handle arrogance, the strife, the senselessness of politics...

So, I will crawl into my little hole and take a peek and what I see leaves me mortified. Then I get an email - mass mailing - from Ravi Zacharias and this is what he says:

"I am sure you are all following the news of what is happening in Egypt. Between the media and so much political correctness, few are willing to say what the real story is. At RZIM we received a very heart-rending letter from our colleague there. It is painful to read. The prolonged nationwide disruption and brutality of those supposedly just staging a "sit-in" are horrific. How can anyone so destroy their own country and kill their own people and murder minorities and still claim to be for the democratic process? The tragedy is beyond description.

Please pray for Egypt. Pray for its people. This is the land that once gave our Lord refuge. Now it is an arena of carnage and hate. We must pray fervently. Pray for peace in the country; for opposing forces—for the sake of their children—to be willing to talk and bridge nobly a wide chasm; for wisdom for the government and security forces as they deal with the current crisis; for international leaders to have the courage to face reality and make wise decisions; for protection for the church; for the message of the Gospel to shine amid the darkness and for hearts and minds to be opened to the truth.

Many people are being abused and terrorized. Please do pray for Egypt. Only God is able to change this situation in the land."

I know when I keep my eyes focused on the LORD these news reports lose their fear inducing qualities, but the stupidity never fails to alarm me. Wonder how God can ever stand it?!

Thanks for taking the time to respond. God bless.


Sandra Miller

 2013/8/16 17:25Profile

 dear sister ginnyrose

oh beloved! I hope you know I was teasing you, about being "spokesman for the Jews".....and the only Way, I can ever think "outside the box" is because of God the Holy Ghost.

ginny, even as a wee child, in the synagogue, Yahweh has always felt so REAL to me, His Love and Protection and Blessing have ALWAYS felt SO REAL to me.....and then in 2002, when Messiah revealed Himself TO me and IN me? Love for God, my trust of God....has just grown and grown and grown.....and when that happened, my love for ALL, has just grown and grown.....

even as a Jew...I don't "hate" the Arabs, oh God forbid.

Over the years, these last 11, living in Messiah...or Him living in you know who I've grown to appreciate so much a deeper sense?....Paul.

and that's funny, because I've always loved brother Len Ravenhill, but just in the last year or two, my love for Len has appreciation for that dear mans ministry has just grown...and Len ALSO ADORES Paul....i'm not saying my appreciation and love for Paul grew because of what Len "says", its what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me...taught me.

Paul was always praying....and he KNEW God, and Praise God, we have his letters/ epistles....and They ARE Worthy to be considered Holy Scripture.....

yes, and I am in FULL agreement with you, considering the "news"....we both have been thru these years "news hounds"....and it really hasn't yielded us much profit has it?

There's three books the Lord has given me...i'm on the first one....I've always been so smitten with the "architecture" of prayer. Much as when I wrote my secular plays, in what seems like a world ago...I wrote those plays because they were what I wanted to see....and its the same with this first book....I use ONLY Holy Scripture....not my "opinion"...I do use "notes", what i'm thinking,feeling, what I "hear" from the Holy Spirit but I segregate the notes in parens, so as to make them in total submission to Scripture. i'm not delving into, nor do I enumerate ANY "doctrine"..

Beloved sister, The Holy Spirit hasn't pushed me in the direction of "understanding doctrine", instead I seek with all my mind heart and soul to LOVE God, and to WAIT on God, and to KNOW God.....and off of that?....instead of getting wrapped up in "doctrine".....then I want to OBEY Messiah Jesus, and follow the Second Royal Commandment, and to "love my neighbor as myself" exuberant love, pure and without agenda, which is agape love.

so yes, lets pray for Egypt...with tears. always with tears.

I believe and its my firm conviction, that a Divine Gift from God is to be given a "weeping ministry"....not cooked up emotionalism, but at its heart, its genesis, those Two Words from Johns Gospel Account..."Jesus Wept"....He is our Model...yes? Let us do as Jesus did then.....That is the Only Way....everything else in this world is counterfeit and an illusion, phony, counterfeit......I could testify for hours, please forgive me....OH!! one more thing, you asked this:

"I know when I keep my eyes focused on the LORD these news reports lose their fear inducing qualities, but the stupidity never fails to alarm me. Wonder how God can ever stand it?!

in the Psalter, I haven't counted how many times I see these Two Attributes of God, but its His "Steadfast Love and Faithfulness" that leads to Him "standing" all of this hellish behavior, and foolishness of the world.

I love you, and May God comfort your dear heart, neil

 2013/8/16 18:49

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 Re: dear sister ginnyrose

Hi Neil, you wrote, """Over the years, these last 11, living in Messiah...or Him living in you know who I've grown to appreciate so much a deeper sense?....Paul.

One could study nothing but Paul and come to the sweet salvation of Christ in the believer, "The hope of glory."

Also, if Paul is left out of ones study of the Scripture, One would miss the greatest mystery in the bible and revealed to Saints and believers whom God has given to Christ in whom we now live and move and have our being in Him and He birthed in us by His Spirit, serving under the Mind of Christ by the answered prayer and sent Holy Spirit to reveal all things Jesus said, and waiting for the promised resurrection of this body of flesh to match His glorious body that will enter the heavens physically.

In Christ: Phillip


 2013/8/17 12:06Profile

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