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 stand up and fight

I've been so trouble these period. I wish i could keep silence (pls under God, i'm not writing these for those whose job in this forum is just to criticize and make every issue look light by their comment. I beg them not to read further than this). I came into revival labour as a child of about 15years, i never knew what i was into, i thought it was just some form of heroism when i read of Wesly and others. It's over a decade now, and a little maturity has been granted me. And if there is any issue to joke about, surely it's not the issues of revival, and reformation of the church, at least not in a time like this. My heart bleeds as i try to communicate with my contempories the burden in my heart. What i get at best is a sympathy: "dear, take heart, we are in the end time you know, don't expect things to change, they will only go from bad to worse, even the bible said so"
By giving into this despair, so many has quite labouring for revival, and lost all hope for reformation. This has done more harm than good. If only the world has relaxed it's effort in defying the church, i would have also relax. But is there any other time we really need to fight than today? By my knowledge there is so much to still be done in the missions field of the world, and they have no hope of hearing the gospel except something supernatural happens. Yet some people wants to make us feel we have no right to expect a revival; in this regard, they are much like the Jehovah witness which says the era of miracles ended with the apostles. O faithless generation! They seem to tell me that the world is so bad, satan has already got the victory. The only thing is for God to come in shame and pick the few good people from the world, and escape to heaven so that they won't all perish, He (God) should even be happy that He got anything from this generation.
We have lost the fighting spirit! And even when we fight, we fight as though there is no hope for victory, as though we cannot expect to change the moral climate of the land, to change the politics, and even to reform the church. Let us be reminded that things were also bad and desperate during the dark ages, and other times that preceded major revivals. What would have happen if everyone just kept quiet and wait for the judgement, surely it would have come, starting with the watchman.
We have every reason to expect an even mightier revival (and i have a witness in my spirit that it has already begun- it does not need to be glamourised). God is coming for a glorious church. He's not coming to whisk us out of the world because we could fight no more. If i understood Rev. 10, 11, 12 and 13 very well, then i must expect to see the most militant church ever, as the age draws to a close. Perhaps our trouble and some of our discouragement has been because we were looking at some of these established organisation as the church (that does not by any way imply that i'm opposed to institutionalism), but beyond the walls, i have every right to expect a revolution. That we are in the end time does not mean we should relax in this warfare at all. "curse be he that doeth the work of God negligently, and curse be he that keepth back his sword from blood" jer. 48:10. Beloved, remember that "end time" started since pentecost, it lunch a fierce attack, yes we were the first to go on attack, how come we are now on the defence? Should we at this critical time, even this last hour relax? Let all the pessimist keep quite now! The church will terribly smit this earth before she leaves in triumph. Allelujah.

 2013/8/13 6:20

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 Re: stand up and fight

I do understand and recognise your burden.

It does hurt. It does hurt to see what the churches have become, and that most don't seem to mind.

I would say more, but I don't want to steer away from the spirit in which this was written.

God bless.

 2013/8/13 7:15Profile

 Re: stand up and fight

"the last time God pulls the switch, this whole world is going to shake from center to circumference; Washington, London, Rome, Moscow [etc]. The Last time God gives an act of mercy before He plunges this world into the most devastating judgment that is indescribable to any of us- the last time He does it, earth will shake, and hell will shake, and heaven will shake... If I were a young man I'll seek God two, three hours every day to be amongst those who will be anointed in that way, because it's not going to be every body... God is going to pull the kingdom of this world down, and exalt His Son" Leonard Ravenhill

 2013/8/13 14:06

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