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 Encouragement for the Day: 2

[i][b]"But his delight is in the law of the Lord"[/b][/i] - Psalm 1:2

I love any verse that speaks like this! For how utterly and unopposingly true is it that a child of God finds his delight in obeying the commands of the Father!

Let us examine:

1. When one is walking in the light of the Lord, steadfast in obedience to God, is not the soul lifted to the heights? Is not the spirit within quickened and the presence of the Lord so near?

2. When living in obedience to God's commands, one finds the power of the Holy Ghost supporting him! Boldness, joy and strength are not found wanting, and no task seems to large for the one who is walking in righteousness!

3. Is not the conscience clear? As Paul said, [i]I thank God, whom I serve, as my forefathers did,[/i] [i][b]with a clear conscience...[/b][/i][i]"[/i]. One is liberated to pray to God having the conscience cleared of iniquity. Is not praying excruciatingly difficult when there is guilt upon the heart and conviction in the soul?

4. Are not Christians so much more enabled and willing to serve the kingdom of God while their walk is true regarding the commands of the Lord?

5. Is not brotherly love evident where sin and strife are extinct? Is disobedience and sin not the ultimate culprit against loving God and loving your neighbor?

6. Do we not have blessed communion with our Lord Jesus when we walk in all his ways?

7. Does not instant turmoil of the soul burst forth the very second the child of God acts in disobedience? Does not the hand of Lord bear down heavily, and all joy stripped away leaving the soul empty and unfruitful, not ready for service of the kingdom?

8. Does not the benefits of obedience immeasurably outweigh the benefits of sin? [i]For the wages of [b]sin[/b] is [b]death[/b]"[/i] but [i]"In the way of [b]righteouness[/b] there is [b]life[/b]!"[/i]

Yes! It is truly a glorious blessing to walk in the decrees of the Lord, with a clear conscience and a sound mind. I delight myself in Your ways, O God! My spirit comes alive in following all Your statutes! May I always be faithful, no matter how difficult, to walk in the light of the Lord!

Come, let us reason together. Judge for yourselves what is right. Is not obedience to Jesus so much better than succumbing to this world?

[i][b]"I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free."[/b][/i] - Psalm 119:32

Eli Brayley

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