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 Newbie's join witnessing team

Witnessing Testimony: Newbie’s in Fort Worth Witnessing

March 19th, 2005

Oh how wonderful it is to take Christians out witnessing who have never gone out before! Two solid Christian brothers contacted me asking when I was going out witnessing next because they wanted to go. We got together Saturday the 19th around 4pm for discussion and prayer and then hit the road for Sundance Square, Fort Worth, around 6:30pm. They were extremely pumped and excited.

We arrived in Forth Worth around 8:30pm to meet up with the other Seed Sowers. The arrrival on the scene was awesome. We were walking down the road towards the comedy house and saw one of the brothers walking by with his ladder on his way to preach. We stopped and talked for a second and then walked on. While waiting to cross the street we looked across the road and saw another brother already up on one of the flower pots preaching to a crowd of young guys. Then we looked at another corner to see another brother with an easel preaching to a crowd. Not to mention the others talking one-on-one and passing out tracts! It was very encouraging to arrive on the scene and see this taking place!

I went with a group and found a corner that had people hanging out on it and walking by. One man started by trying to give out money and draw a crowd, but no crowd really gathered. Then another guy stood up on the two step ladder and preached, sparking a little anger out of one heckler. Then I started preaching. We had been praying on the ride down and I was bursting at the seams. I couldn’t wait to preach. But the cops came by and asked that I not be so loud, someone called and complained. I toned it down and then they said “TONE IT DOWN!” I toned it down again and they said “TONE IT DOWN OR WE WILL WRITE YOU UP.” So we decided to just go to a street corner that had no cops.

One another corner one brother preached while the rest of us formed a small crowd in front. Once we did that a crowd gathered. About seven people gathered to the left of him, and then about five or six gathered to the right. Then I tried to preach but wasn’t able to keep anyone’s attention for too long. I took out my pocket watch and showed it while preaching. I’d preach a bit and then say “tick, tick tock folks, time is ticking away.” And preach on eternity and the judgment seat. I kept repeating “tick, tick, tock" periodically throughout the message and hope that it stuck and echoed in peoples minds.

We moved around a bit trying to find the best corners. While walking by one bar, we noticed a large group gathered outside. We preached from a cross the street. One man, who I never heard preach before, had a trumpet voice! He is so meek and gentle when talking, but when preaching his is aflame! This man had a voice and a message. I thought of George Whitefield who had such a loud voice that he could preach up to crowds of estimated 80,000 people without any amplification in the open-air.

As the night went on, the crowds of people grew thin. Two other men and myself went and charted some uncharted territory. We found an “Irish Pub” and some other bar/club with a large group of people outside of it. We preached from across the street. We had a few hecklers. One man came up to me to tell me he was a Christian. I said “what are you doing out here?” He said “having a good time.” I asked “what do you call a good time? Drinking alcohol and sleeping around?” He said “I’m just ___ing around.” I asked if he would be in church on Sunday and he said he may be. “From what it looks like, you’re a blind fool, you hypocrite!” He then agreed with me and walked off. I was amazed he agreed and didn't try to justify himself. The Holy Spirit was working on him. I had never called anyone a blind fool or a hypocrite like that in the open-air before. But I’ve been reading the sermons of Jesus Christ and it’s been rubbing off on me.

Eventually we called it a night. We left at 12:30am or so. I often have trouble finding my way back home because the Texas highways change so often and you need to switch to so many highways. We didn’t get back home until around 3:00am. It was a great night. The new guys loved it and want to come out again. We passed out hundreds of tracts and preached the gospel open-air to many, many people.

 2005/3/20 16:19

 Re: Newbie's join witnessing team

ps. Let's be sure to pray for more and more laborers. There have been a great deal of new laborers preaching against sin and preaching the cross, but we still need more!!

 2005/3/21 10:09

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