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 Why No Revival?

This is from The Price and Power of Revival by Duncan campbell.

"If you measure the intensity of your desires, you will measure your capacity. God is not going to respond to a feeble fleeting wish. Yet is that not the way many of us come to God? We long for revival, we are longing to see a movement in our own community, in our own Church, Hall or Assembly, and we are crying "God send it", but heaven cries: "Is your eye fixed upon Me?" "Get rightly related to Me." I read in the Old Testament story of "men who feared the Lord, but they served their own gods". Do we profess to fear Him, but are we serving our own gods, our own interests? May God lead us into truth.

Is there a hunger, is there a cry, "I've nothing, I've nothing, save a sense of need." Bow in His presence and acknowledge it, and bring that vessel of honesty, sincerity and of true seeking after God, and the promise will be fulfilled, "I will pour water upon him that is thirsty". Remember that revival has got to do with God's people. I sometimes say, at the risk of being misunderstood, that we do not pray for revival in order that souls may be saved, but souls are saved in their thousands when we have revival, when the thirsty are satisfied, then the floods come on the dry ground. If you want revival, get right with God. If you are not prepared to bring the "last piece", for God's sake stop talking about revival, your talking and praying is but the laughing-stock of devils. It is about time we got into the grips of reality. Are we realy thirsty?"

That is the question.

I know that I am not thirsty enough. I want to be more thirsty.

I pray that He gives me a thrist than can only be met by HIM.

I am posting the whole book by Ducan Campbell. To read it go here.

 2005/3/20 6:52

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