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 new with questions

Hi! Nice to meet you all. This looks like a great site.
I am a Bible college student who is looking for biographical information on A.W. Tozer for a research paper. Does anybody know of any good books, movies, monuments, etc. regarding this subject?
My e-mail address is

 2005/3/20 1:08

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 Re: new with questions

Here are some threads that might have some helpful info for you.

Welcome to SI

[url=]What Does It Mean to Accept Christ by A.W. Tozer[/url]

[url=]AWT; Personal glimpses[/url]

[url=]Brief Bio![/url]

Adam Fell

 2005/3/20 1:33Profile

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 Re: new with questions


Would love to see the outcome of your research, hope you can share it with us at a later point.

If you haven't already, here is an old book with a lot of background:
[url=]A.W. Tozer A Twentieth Century Prophet[/url]

[url=]Tozer; a picture of a man[/url]


Could do a search here...

Also, just doing a search here on SermonIndex will bring up quite a few responses, would have to 'research' them of course for biographical information.

Mike Balog

 2005/3/20 8:14Profile

 Re: new with questions

What is it like being in a bible college?

 2005/3/20 16:43

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I am a Bible college student who is looking for biographical information on A.W. Tozer for a research paper.

Great to see you on this site! Please feel free to listen to the A.W. Tozer sermons available on this site. Also Leonard Ravenhill who was a good friend of Tozer is great to listen to his sermons. What bible college are you at? I am currently at Calvary Chapel Bible School in California.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/3/20 21:53Profile


Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome! I attend a Bible college in Oregon called Leadership Training Institute. What is Calvary Bible School like?

 2005/4/10 15:44


Thankyou guys for the links!
They have been helpful. (I have two 8 page papers due on tozer this week.:) I have also started reading the book "In Pursuit of God" by James L. Snyder, which has given a lot of biographical info.

 2005/4/10 15:46

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