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 Dean Walker Wood's life is over.

[b]Dean Walker Wood[/b]was born on 20 March 2005. He's survived by a loving wife, 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

Dean was a wonderful man, quick to laugh, quick to put a comforting arm around a friend in need and quick to love. Dean loved to read and study the Bible. Dean loved chicken pot pies, deep dish pizza, televised Dodger's games and hearing the laughter of his grandchildren.

When Dean was a young man, he was awarded a Silver Star for saving the lives of eight fellow soliders during the East Asian War. Every year on the anniversary of this heroism, each of the eight veterans would call Dean and the men would laugh and pray together.

Dean Walker Wood made a difference in many lives; his son Joshua, now a pastor describes his father,
"Dad served as a Big Brother to five different young men from the inner city while we were growing up. Every weekend we all would do a different activity, and Dad was always available to these young men. He made sure they completed high school and went onto college. They were all at the funeral, they all called him 'dad' and they all wept. I did too, but we all rest in the knowledge that our dad is waiting for us on the other side of the Jordan....and I wouldnt be surprised if doesnt have a Webber grill going...he was my hero, he was my dad".

Dean Walker Wood was a die cast maker by trade, who went on to open his own metal fabrication plant that now employs 28 people. An employee remembers Dean:

"Mr. Wood was a great boss, he always loved Fridays like us all. He would order pizzas for the whole shop at lunch on fridays, and we would all eat together. We always looked forward to Fridays, not coz we wanted to get out of there, but because he made us all feel so good. When my mother was sick,before she died, not only did he give me the week off, but Mr. Walker and his pastor stayed at the hospital with me. I couldnt have done it without him. I will miss Mr. Walker so much that it hurts".

[b]Dean Walker Wood was never born. His mother decided it was her "choice" to terminate her pregnancy.[/b]

A human life in the hands of a Good God blesses many.

Abortion is not choice.

Jesus wept.

 2005/3/19 18:50

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