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 The Flood is Coming and God is Warning us all to Build an Ark for our Families

Dear friends. The flood is coming. Are you prepared? Gods is warning us all to build an ark for our families. If we do not, we will not survive…in fact it may even be too late for some who are readying this today. For some of you, your hearts are so hard that you scoff at warnings like this. You prefer the smooth words of the false prophets who mock such things and tell you all is well. Jesus said, “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man…and ALL WERE DESTROYED”.

All is not well. Jesus was talking about this day, our day, this generation that you and I are living in, not any other generation but this one!!! It is not a literal flood of water and not a literal destruction of life. The flood that is coming is a spiritual flood of darkness that will spare no-one except those who have built an ark in Jesus Christ. The destruction that he speaks of is also spiritual. It will mean the end, spiritually for everyone…”all were destroyed”. None will be spared but very, very few. This is what Jesus meant when he said that the days that are coming will be so dark, truth will be so hard to find, that all will be deceived and if He does not hasten His return, even His elect will be deceived.

What can we do? Build an ark!!! Start with own hearts. Noah was a righteous man, but he paid a heavy price for standing up for righteousness. brother Edgar says that, “Personal revival begins with 1.) Deny all known sin. 2.) Forgive all who have hurt you. 3.) Abstain from all questionable practices ( Question: would Jesus do this? ) 4.) Go public with your witness.

So, if we want to build an ark we must start with our own hearts. Turn away from all evil, repent of all sin. Get rid of anything doubtful in our lives. It is also important to throw out strange and false doctrines that are strangling us. We must also pray to the Lord and ask Him what it means to come out of babylon, what it means to seek to be a part of the pure expression of the body of Christ. Get back into the word. Turn off the tv and other distractions. Seek God earnestly, daily, unceasingly and pray a river of your tears for your loved ones. This is how we build an ark. It is not easy and few will even bother. But I pray that if even one person reads and heeds this warning that God will do a NEW THING in their life and their family. The Lord be glorified!!!

- brother Mark M.


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 Re: The Flood is Coming and God is Warning us all to Build an Ark for our Families

Instead of trying to build my own ark and rely on my self-righteousness, I think I'll just invite people to come in the ark that God has provided: Jesus Christ, and His righteousness.

Noah's righteousness was typological of Jesus Christ's righteousness. In the same way that his family benefitted from the blessings that he earned by his righteousness (God's covenant with Noah), those who are adopted into Christ's family benefit from the blessings that He earned by His righteousness (God's covenant fulfilled by His Son).

The only difference is that Noah's righteousness was temporal and relative (so the blessings were respectively limited), whereas Christ's righteousness is perfect and eternal (so the blessings are respectively eternal).

Praise God that He has provided a way of deliverance from the upcoming judgement, which is not earned through our works, but earned through the works of Christ, and given to us by faith in Him.


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Thanks for that Renoncer. Praise God for the active righteousness of Jesus Christ! He IS that ark and in Him alone there is safety.

 2013/7/26 14:56


Yes, the Ark is already built, we just need to get ourselves into it (Him). And point others to the Way.


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 2013/7/26 22:07

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