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 Video: Signs of True Christians From The Example of the Underground Church In China – brother Edgar

Video here:

When viewing a DVD of the Chinese underground Church made by Chinese Christians called The Cross: Jesus In China,

I saw many signs of what true Christians are like. They have:

- A personal relationship with Jesus.

- Unity with the believers.

- A deep desire to worship God.

- A great love for each other and their persecutors. They are hated yet they loved.

- Deep faith. Their persecution never stops, including jail many times. Some itinerant preachers have gone to prison 10 or more times. They face torture, beatings, electric shock and loss of life. Yet they trust the Lord and they love.

- They love not their lives unto death. Two deceased martyrs were shown in the video, with one being partially uncovered to show part of his torture wounds. Yet they love their enemies.

- They accept that love means devotion, selflessness, sacrifice, and even death.

- Their path of the cross is suffering and sacrifice.

- There is deep repentance on many faces, with tears streaming down their faces.

- They have power from the Holy Spirit to witness.

- There is the power of the Holy Spirit by way of miracles, healings and driving out demons.

- There is great humbleness, including great humbleness in their leaders.

- One leader could not overcome torture and he denounced Christ Jesus. He was released. In the video he was seen walking back into prison with his wife. He said he could no longer deny his Lord and would rather die in prison.

- There is deep joy. They use poetry and song to express what is in their minds and hearts. They convey through song the beauty of Jesus. Their music reflects the innocence and joy of Christians as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

- A visiting pastor was asked to give a sermon. “How long?” he asked. “An hour?” “Oh no!” “Two hours?” “Oh no!” “How long, then?” he asked. “Could you preach from early in the morning to late at night, please?” he was asked. Then the pastor realized that they did not have Bibles.

- They meet in homes, in barns, in caves, in underground tunnels and in fields, hoping to avoid detection. Yet they are busy witnessing despite the threat to their lives.


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