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 Life changing book

I want to recommend a book. I have been reading "A Pastor's Sketches" by Ichabod Spencer. I honestly wish every Christian home had this book. It's convinced me I know very little about evangelism. In fact, don't think anyone will read it without coming changed. No book has been so used of God to spur me on to do the work of evangelism, and no book has been more helpful in teaching me how to do it.

David Vaughn says, "I have never read anything quite like A Pastor's Sketches and I really think that if God is pleased to bring days of great revival again, no Christian book could be more helpful at such a time to pastors than Spencer's book. A book of great relevance to pastors, it will be cherished just as much by all those spiritual minded men and women in our churches who do the bulk of the work of bringing the gospel lovingly, courageously and wisely to those around them. I really believe its impact could be revolutionary."

Find it here:

 2013/7/26 11:05

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 Re: Life changing book

If you have an account with google, you can download the book for free at this website:

Michael Strickland

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 Re: Life changing book

Hi Stephen,

It strikes me that you would quote David Vaughn... we regularly pray for him and the ministry he is doing in Aix-en-Provence.

What church do you attend?

Have you read Pascal Denault's book that just came out?

In Christ,

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Hi, Renoncer

I have to admit I simply borrowed the quote from the website where I found the book. It was those words by David Vaughn that actually prompted me to order it - and I am very glad I did.

I have not read Pascal Denault's book. I notice it is published by SGCB. What's the connection between the two? In answer to your other question I am presbyterian... so I especially should make certain to read Renault's book!

Where are you located? Have you read "Pastoral Sketches"?

 2013/7/26 17:02

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Oops... I didn't know you were Presbyterian, I assumed that you were Reformed Baptist because of the quote, which is why I asked you if you had read Pascal Denault's book. (he argues for a Baptistic view of Covenant theology) :)
I believe that God displays His sense of humor in providential circumstances like these.


Well, just for the record, I think there is much to learn from conservative Presbyterians. I believe a strong view of the sovereignty of God actual should give us confidence in God's means for evangelism, as J.I. Packer shows in "Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God" (and yes, I am aware that he is Anglican, and not Presbyterian) :)

I have not read the book that you have recommended, but will consider putting it on my "TO READ" list.

In Christ,

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I was also struck by God's providence in this! I will look into that book.

Whether Baptist or Presbyterian we are - I think - more likeminded than not... perhaps its the reformed bit we share but also (as I noticed from another of your posts) a love for the gospel.

May the Lord bless you,


 2013/7/27 15:14

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 Re: Life changing book

Thank you for this recommendation of "A Pastor's Sketches" in two volumes by Ichabod Spencer. The excellent heart and wisdom of the author is quickly obvious. I began to read Volume 2 on Google Books and then bought the eBook from Solid Ground Books. I have loaded the .mobi eBook as a personal document into the Kindle app on my iPad.

Ichabod Spencer clearly was a soul-winner and disciple-maker. Apparently, this book was once well-known in earlier generations.

...he who is wise wins souls...

I want to have such a heart and wisdom and bear such fruit via one-on-one relationships. These are good, illustrative sketches.


 2013/7/28 18:10Profile

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