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Dear Brother Weigh,

I have long been thinking of writing to you, but I have put it off lest my thoughts were offsufficiently mature to do so. However, I think it is now the opportune time. I hope you willhumbly place this before God.I am afraid the difficulties of the churches in Hong Kong and Canton will be rather enormous, namely (a) among co-workers and (b) in the church. I hope what I am goingto say below will, through the grace of the Lord, help towards changing the situationthere.

• Those who are leaders ought to learn to love others, to think on their behalf, to takecare of them, to deny oneself for their sake, and to give them all one has. If onecannot deny himself on account of others, it would be impossible to guide peoplealong the spiritual path. Learn to give others what you have even if you feel as if youhave nothing. Then the Lord will start pouring down His blessing.

• The inner strength of a worker should measure up to the outward work. There shouldnot be any overstrain, overreaching, uneasiness, scantiness, tension, lack of over-flowing, human plans, or going ahead of the Lord. All these are undesirable conditions.If one is inwardly abundant, whatever is emanating from him is like the flowing of astream, and there is no overstrain on his part. You must really be a spiritual man; youshould not merely act like one.

• Learn to listen to others in connection with your work. The teaching in Acts 15 is tolisten, that is, listen to the views of all brothers because the Holy Spirit may speak through them. Be very careful lest in refusing to listen to the voice of the brothers youmay not hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. All the co-workers and elders ought to sitdown to listen to them. Give them unrestricted chances to speak. Be gentle, bebroken, and be prepared to listen.

• The difficulty with many people is their being unbroken. They may have heard aboutbeing “broken”, but its significance eludes them. If one is broken, he will not attempt toarrive at his own decision regarding business matters or teaching, will not claim tounderstand people or to be capable of doing things, will not venture to assumeauthority or to impose his own authority upon others, and will not take the liberty tocriticize brothers or to deal with them presumptuously. A brother who is broken will nottry to defend himself and there is nothing he needs to look back to.

• There should be no tension in meetings or in the church. Regarding church business.learn not to do too much yourself. Distribute the business among others and makethem learn to use their own discretion in making decisions. You should first brief them on the fundamental principles to follow and ascertain afterwards whether they haveacted accordingly. It is wrong to do too much personally. Avoid showing yourself inexcess in meetings otherwise the bothers may feel that you are monopolizing. Learnto place trust in the brothers and divide it among them.

• The Spirit of the God cannot be coerced in the church. You have to be submissive toHim; otherwise, once he stops anointing, the church will feel tired or possibly evenbored. If your spirit is strong , it will sweep over and overwhelm the audience within ten minutes; if it is weak, even shouting some threatening words and spending alonger time will not help and may even be harmful.

• In delivering a message, so not make it too long or too elaborate; otherwise, the spiritof the saints may tent to feel bored. Do not include superficial thoughts or basestatements in the contents of your message; avoid childish examples as well as thosereasons which are so much common that people will consider them childish. Learn tofinish delivering the essence within half an hour.

• The temptation often encountered at a prayer meeting is to deliver a message or tospeak at a length. A prayer meeting should be devoted to praying; too much talkingwill make the conscience feel heavy with the result that the meeting become a failure.

• The work at Kuling, Fukien, in 1948 was an exceptional case. Workers should learn alot before getting in to a position where they deal with problems or persons. Withinadequate learning, insufficient knowledge, incomplete brokenness, and unreliablejudgement, one will be incompetent to deal with others. Do not jump in to conclusions;even when one is about to do something, he should do it in fear and trembling. Do nottreat spiritual matters lightly. Learn in the heart.

• Learn not to trust your own judgments only. What is considered right may not be so;what is considered wrong may not be wrong. If one is determined to learn humbly, itwill take at least a few years to complete. Therefore, for the present, you ought not tohave too much confidence in yourself or be too definite about your way of thinking.

• It would be a dangerous thing for people in the church to follow your decisions beforeyou reach the state of maturity. The Lord will work on you to deal with your thoughts and to break you before you can understand the will of God and thus be His authority.Authority is based on the knowledge of Lordʼs will. Where the Lordʼs will and purposeare not manifest, there is no authority.

• The capacity of a servant of God should be constantly expanded by Him. I think he is now doing it; you need not look inward, since this will make you disheartened. Godmay wish you to assume the responsibility of leadership. As to the work in Hong Kong,it is possible that some brothers will feel led to join it. I think we ought to have rest inthe matter.Yours in the LordNee To-sheng (Watchman nee)

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Thank you Greg for posting this letter from Watchman Nee. I am so thankful for men like Watchman Nee that paid the price and experienced the work of the cross in their lives. The Body of Christ is so much richer because of it.



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