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West Monroe, Louisiana


Thanks so much for the replies.

A bit off subject, but you guys will never know what this site means to me and others.

Please don't ever fail to remember what one statement can do for someone. An encouraging word, a bit of advice, or a stern rebuke.

I can't even began to write with the knowledge that many of you have...but...I can relate...and say...yeah!...that's what I meant! Amen!

I am 45 years old, but can truly say that I feel like my life is taking a turn. A turn for the better...a turn towards God. Oh, I've been saved for years...and been raised in Church. But something different is happening.

I guess I finnally decided to grow up. :-(

God keeps stressing to me - OBEDIENCE TO HIM.


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 Re: Who's blessing who?

Thank [i]you[/i] brother. Couldn't agree more with all of this, right on your coat tails age wise and the knowledge from so many here... Much more than just a website... from the beginning it has torn me down and completely rearranged so much couldn't begin to tell it all (well, I guess I try, always gushing out all over the place) all for the better and still that ever ongoing [i]'renewing of the mind'[/i] but more so the heart. And to see and hear what this is doing in many lives... Thank you brother for being here, you are an encouragement to everyone, your heart shines through.

Mike Balog

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Much more than just a website...

Not so much a website, more a way of life... advertising copy for the next publicity campaign?

Ron Bailey

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Reading, UK


Mike’s references to the ‘sin unto death’ reminded me of something I had written on another site some time ago.

Just a word about 1 John 5:16. Literally it reads, [i]If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin not unto death, he shall ask; and He shall give life to him, to the ones not sinning unto death. There is sin unto death. I do not say that he should ask about that.[/i] (1Jo 5:16 LITV) I mention this because it puts the emphasis very clearly on the ‘sinning one’ and his continuing practise rather than on a single infringement.

I've been turning this verse over in my mind. The phrase 'unto death' in Greek in 'pros thanaton' and is used only in John's writings. Joh_11:4; 1Jo_5:16; 1Jo_5:17;

John 11:4 is interesting...
When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.

What does this mean because Lazarus did in fact die? However death was not the end of this sickness, not its destination, but just a station on the route!

How would this concept fit into 1 John 5:16,17? Is this a sin with determination? That the sinner commits as a direct act of rebellion and defiance? I am trying out various scenarios in my mind. Suppose a man is 'sinning a sin' and is faithfully admonished by another brother... [i]Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted.[/i] (Gal 6:1 NASB) This man is capable of being 'restored' by someone who is spiritual.

In the Old Testament 'sins without intention' had a specific sacrifice. The KJV uses the phrase 'sins of ignorance' but the Jews had no excuse for sins of ignorance as God had given them the law. In the UK the killing of a person without intention might be charged with manslaughter, but if intention were proved it would be murder. The USA uses degrees of murder (which I don't understand being a Brit!)

Is the John reference and the Galatians reference really referring more to sins without intention? Unwitting or unintentional trespasses? It seems amazing but Paul's letter to the Corinthians deals with some pretty basic stuff that you would have thought everyone ought to have known.

If someone however sets their face to sin in full knowledge of their action would this be a 'sin with death as its destination?' This would bring us more into the atmosphere of those strong warnings in Hebrews.

Now, you'll never get back to the gardening!

Ron Bailey

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 Re:MoreofHim's testimony

Thank you for being a true blue believer. Your right on track!


 2005/3/24 21:29


AgesofWar he already mentioned it in the post it was drinking. The man has a problem with drinking.

Karl ;-)

 2005/3/24 21:33

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I don't know if this helps or not, but I know what it means to be addicted to pornography even as a born-again, blood washed Christian. I know what it means to ask forgiveness and to do it again and go through this cycle where 1 John 1:9 almost loses all meaning for you, you've quoted it so many times.

But then God's grace touched my life. If He really is my Father and I'm one of His sons, I know He grieves for me and loves me and wishes I be free from that bondage. He certainly is not angry I've sinned because all of His anger He poured out on Jesus. Does any flesh and blood father hate their children when they sin? Maybe a few, but if they have any love in them at all, they literally grieve when their children sin continually. When I became adopted into His family, I'm one of His, one of His boys. I can only imagine (I'm not a father yet), that when one of my kids steals a cookie from the cookie jar, I wouldn't be immediately prone to kicking him out of the house. God spanks us when we misbehave sometimes when we good and well need it (but all those spankings are loving anyway); then other times He's so merciful that His goodness leads us to repentence. Well, one thing I do know about God; He's willing to forgive us 77 * 7 times every day and He also (since He walked this earth and was tempted in every way), can have compassion on how difficult this struggle is sometimes.

That to me is the gospel; and honestly--that revelation of God's love and grace and mercy, that sense of being a part of God's household and related to God in a very covenant and binding way gives me the greatest incentive to obey Him--He's worth every single thought and deed of my life. He loves me more than I could possibly fathom and I praise His name because of His grace.

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