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 The Battle is NOW! I need you.

I want to ask the saints gathered on this forum for their immediate prayer help.

I live in small community that's like something out of a Frank Peritti novel, ala "This Present Darkness".

I'm not kidding.

If you think I'm being hysterical, go to my towns newspaper and peer into the cracks.

So anyway, the enemy has totally destroyed the church in my town, total division.

Meanwhile I just do my thing, witnessing Jesus to the lost, giving bread to the poor, help to the widows. I'm involved in an intercessory prayer group.

This group has been active now for two plus years, and every since we got together it was like we took a stick to the hive of the devil, things have just got STIRRED up in the Heavenlies, Praise God!!

One day, the Holy Ghost gave me a vision of a prayer tent admidst my communitie's annual Memorial Day country fair, called "Topanga Days".

Here's where the plot thickens, God has graced me with a ministry fund, that I use to do the Lord's benevolence work, and I was going to rent a booth space.

In this town there is a leading "new age" practioneer, she reads astrology charts, she reads tarot cards, she does "full body healing" sessions for $200 a pop, etc etc etc. It certainly isnt the God Most High she is serving, Lets call her "Luna" for now. She has worked her way into every town council and chamber of commerce here.

She is satans gatekeeper in this town, and guess who is in charge of the booth allocation for the country fair.

You got it.

I called Luna today, (all prayed up I might add)
the minute she started speaking to me, you could FEEL the hostility, it emanated from the phone.

She basically told me I couldnt rent a thing. When I countered (meekly, not wimply) with "that isnt fair", she told me that "life isnt fair".

When I asked her why the Buddhists get to rent a booth, she said that they have something they "we want"...parking space.

I was very low key and subdued thruout this conversation, she was very very hostile.

I'm going to take it to the next level now, but I really need YOU, my cyber brethern, this church of the Net, to begin to intercede in the Heavenlies....we have WEAPONS saints, but they are NOT of this world...please ...begin to use them with me, join me in prayer, until victory.

Much love in Jesus, Neil

 2005/3/18 20:00

Joined: 2005/2/24
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 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

I want to ask the saints gathered on this forum for their immediate prayer help.

Count on it bro.


Mike Compton

 2005/3/18 20:50Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
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Flinstone, GA

 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

I looked at the link you gave - the content was strange. All that self-help, healing arts, etc. garbage is not Christian for sure.

You have my prayers.


Kendal Shipley

 2005/3/18 21:58Profile


I would contact the Aliance Defense Fund immediately and tell them the situation. They will take the appropiate legal action.

Specificly contact Nate Kellum who is a lawyer who specializes in cases like this.
His # is: 1 901 323 6672

 2005/3/18 21:59

Joined: 2005/2/20
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Midwest, USA

 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

Prayers for you Neil.

Mark Daniel

 2005/3/18 22:37Profile

Joined: 2003/6/13
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Southern California

 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

Will be praying with you, bro. Lift up Escondido while you're at it, brethren.


 2005/3/18 23:05Profile

 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

Looks like God is at work in your town and the spirits are being stirred up. When they manifest, than you know something is troubling them, otherwise they like to stay low key and blend in.

When you read the acts of Jesus, when light entered into the region they reacted to it. When Paul entered a city they reacted to that light.

So this is what is happening here, light has entered the city and they are reacting. And God is working behind the scenes, even to the place where you may think that all hope is lost.

Your church broke up for a reason, it may be a good thing. God will regroup them together, don't always look at these calamaties as always from the devil some are from God if not most. God knows how to stir His people. Closing the church may get those whom He has been talking too together in a house meetings and getting them to pray and seek His face. The enemy thinks that by closing a church means victory, but God's church will never be overcome by the gates of hell ever as that is God's promise to His called out ones.

I hope this prayer of encouragement has encouraged you.


 2005/3/19 0:32

Joined: 2003/5/24
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Chicago IL USA

 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

Hi Neil. This is Michael's wife writing to you. We just got done praying for you. However unique your situation may seem, please know that we Christians are all going through different trials. Have faith in the Lord.
Michael's wife, Era.


 2005/3/19 0:57Profile

 Re: The Battle is NOW! I need you.

You have my prayers.

 2005/3/19 15:31

 Re: Thank you my brother MC

Dear brother,
(I want to write this to you publicly, as to carry on the dialogue in front of the faithful.)

I was rather pressed for time, and didnt testify as to everything that was on my heart, and prayer points the Lord was requesting thru me.

After I got off the phone from "Luna", I had such a case of spiritual indigestion that I needed to get on my knees and cry out for relief.

It felt, literally, as if, there were demonic spirits about on the ranch. I began to pray for myself, pray for protection, pray for God to shower his mercy on Luna with her tarot cards, astrology charts, and whatever other forms of necromancy she indulges in.

Then my soul came to rest on my own mother.

Oh yes. Since I was a young boy, right at the time I began my studies in the temple, with the Hebrew language and Torah, she began to involve herself in astrology. She began to read the charts, then she began to read tarot cards, she actually published a book on astrology. Right at the same time, her little son, began the road to his bar-mitzvah. I began to pray for God to open my mother's eyes. To pray in the Spirit for God to intercede and WAKE HER UP!

Within three minutes the phone rang....oh yes.
It was my mother.

I wasn't surprised, in fact I rather expected it. She asked me what was the matter. she could hear it in my voice. I said, "Mommy, you know I love you".

'yes'....she was wary, I would be too, if I was her.

I continued on, "You know I've always been a good Jewish boy".


"and you know that I share the same spiritual DNA with those of our people who ministered in the Temple so many years ago in Jerusalem".

(actually she knows very little about the history of the faith, in fact she must have thought I flipped my cap.......but as Paul said, "If I am out of my mind......")


"Then you will listen to me, and get rid of all your ephermis' (astrological charts) and all your tarot cards at once, because you are playing with things, and opening doors to things you know nothing about, and I love you, and want to spend eternity with you."

She gave an uncomfortable laugh, trying to blithely laugh, and said 'no'.

I said, "mother, in all due respect, you are like a little girl here, you're playing with fire and you are going to get burned, now listen to me and obey". She started to protest, and I didnt really want to have a long involved dialogue, so I said, "Mommy, I love you and I was in the middle of prayer, I said what God had me to say to you, and I pray you listen, so God bless you and talk to you later".

Conviction or condemnation, I don't know, but she then proceeded to call the mother of my son, and complain to her about my new request.

It's actually an old request, even as a child I knew that there was something wrong with the astrology and something wrong with the tarot cards. It doesnt take a elaborate discerning spirit to ascertain that junk is bad, that junk is demonic and laced with all sorts of anti-Christ filth. It would have been the same if she hauled in a bag of pig waste, set it in the living room, and expected family business to continue as normal.

We're all gonna cry out and say "THAT STINKS!" "Get it outta here! please!"

Which is what I used to do as a child, I hated that stuff. But........... the oppression of an unsaved and ungodly parent.

Generational curses falling under the Blood of Jesus, and I'm the 'freek'....I'm the 'weirdo'.

"Oh man, havent ya heard, Neil's all wrapped up in that Jesus stuff".


"Yeh, its weird, he quit smoking grass, quit smoking cigarettes, quit chasing girls, he's in church almost every night of the week, and when he told me he was concerned about my soul, his eyes started watering.....what a weirdo".

(btw, I'm smiling as I wrote that part.)

[b]Prayer Points[/b]

1. pray that God removes all the hindrances to establishing a Spirit-filled Christian witness in Topanga California not only during the Topanga Days Fair, but during all the rest of the year.

2. Pray that God protect me and my family from all unclean spirits.

3. Pray that God save 10,000 souls in Topanga for Jesus' sake, and that God use His Church and His workers to do so.

4. Pray that God deals with all of the enemies workers and gatekeepers in a just, yet merciful manner, He is a loving God, patient and long-suffering. Praise His Name with me....HalleLuYAH!!

 2005/3/19 17:54

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