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lol...I was just trying to express closeness. I wasn't saying anything beyond that. That was over the top, I suppose.

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no problem. I'm chuckling, too.

 2013/7/17 17:53

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 Re: Satan’s Co-workers found in meetings of God’s saints

The Early Years of the Tongues Movement

I read this online book non-stop I was shocked, but it will show you clearly that Satan’s Co-workers are found in meetings of God’s saints.

Colin Murray

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I remember the first Sermon Index conference held in Canton, I had witches come up to me and speak curses at me right after a meeting or service, and strange things would big deal though, normally just grabbed another believer and used the promises of God in prayer and those things would stop.


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Movements may be invalidate but the Gifts of Spirit cannot be.

There are counterfeits and there is the "real thing".

 2013/7/18 11:07

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