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 Re: Renoncer

Well said!

I prefaced my remark that no one is obligated to what I believe God told me, because I am the only witness. Just as Jesus could not condemn the woman taken in adultery because when all the accusers were gone He knew that at least two witnesses are required for any condemnation.

And so it is with our gospel of truth, Jesus came onto the scene with a thorough and multi-generational witness of who He was through many prophets who laid out their parts of the revelation.

Contrast that with Joseph Smith, Charles Russell, Mohammad, and a host of others who came along and wooed followers with the force of their own personalities and private interpretations of life.

Even here on this forum, we glean from one another bits and pieces with which to build a good and solid faith, learning to recognize those who know God and those who only think they do. And of course those who have never known Him at all!

Alas, people like Ehrman who do not bow to the authority of the Word have only themselves as final authority. Thinking themselves to be wise, they have become foolish, as Paul (or some mythical ghost writer?) might say.

Tom Cameron

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Amen Sidewalk.

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