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 You will Triumph

Joseph said : Gen 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for Good, to accomplish what is now being done. The truth of God's word is embedded in these very words. God works all things for good of those who love him. God may allow bad days and suffering because of the evil actions of fellow humans, even though he can supersede such deeds so as to work out his will.
Heart be steadfast, secure trusting in the Lord in the end you will Triumph.

 2013/7/12 18:59

 Re: You will Triumph

Amen Sister. Amen

 2013/7/12 19:05

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 Re: You will Triumph

Thank you Soulwon. I was hoping I would get a word of encouragement on here today, and this is it! I didn't feel like reading any heavy theological debates today, just a word from the Lord.

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 Re: You will Triumph

It must have been a difficult moment for Joseph when his brothers showed up; it must have brought up all the memories of the suffering he went through due to their betrayal. But Joseph chose to forgive and allowed himself to be moved with compassion for his brothers, and God provided for all their need through his hands. Amazing what God can do through one life given for His purposes!

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: You will Triumph

Amen dear Sister.

Arthur Rosh

 2013/7/13 1:14Profile


Praise the Lord, that God ministered to you. Used4him. God is so good he lift us up in time of need. Blessing!!!

 2013/7/13 12:04

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