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I don't think I made my point clear enough. I am not calling into question the legitimacy of a house church. I am not calling into question experiences of other believers. What I am calling into question is the tendency for Christianity to find new fads, baptize them in Jesus' name, and call it Christian and then find a whole bunch of verses to support it. House churches indeed did exist at the beginning. House churches thrive in countries with persecution. Many Christians in America realize that there is something terribly wrong with the way things are going in the church. And a few of my friends have said, "House church is the answer!" When, just like you were saying, it is the heart that is the problem not the meeting place.

I really think we are discussing two different subjects. From what I have seen in the house church movement in my area (which I am sure they are not all like this) is that doctrine gets thrown out in PLACE OF experience. There are clear commands and precedents set forth in scripture as to how the church should be structured. And there are also very very gray areas that I believe the leaders have a choice in what direction the church should go. But I can't violate Biblical principal in hopes of creating something more meaningful and I definitely can't violate one Biblical principal in hopes that I become more Biblical in what I do.

My experiences with house church haven't been pleasant. But I know well enough not to typify all house churches as being that way. I do not want to discourage anyone from forming one or going to one. But I just wanted to throw in a word of caution, because the enemy will deceive at every possible turn.

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House Churches thrive in Laodicean countries, too.

A healthy house church is where all the members are not beholden to any men (the fear of man is non-existent) and keep each other on the narrow road regarding faith and practice (doctrine). And yes, you cannot set aside the Scriptures and just go on experience.

I see now where you are coming from. Many have thought, let's start a house church but they make it into their image and the resulting effect is quite smelly.

 2013/7/9 21:40

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