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We are thankful for the many contributors to this thread. We feel it has run its course. We do ask that towards any personal flammatory or even accusatory (to the least) we ask saints to try and avoid this. We must consider the truths at hand and try and not with limited view of each other judge etc. There is a time when we write anything publicly for saints to comment, and even correct in love. We must be open to this and to be willing to repent and clarify at where possible.

It is true that if we are cleansed with the blood of Christ at that moment we can be in a sense free from sin at least on the level of our conscience. The Lord will bring us step by step to show greater inward sin that we commit day by day, hour by hour. Only those who are truly children of God will grow up in Him and be constantly cleansed from inward impurities.

Scriptures clearly do not teach a one-time solution to be 100% free from sin. This is a narrow way our Lord taught to be conformed to the image of the Son. Christ died for ALL sin and only in Him is our answer in daily abiding and trusting in His sacrifice for us and His resurrection.

If the Son has set you free you are free.

We are going to lock this thread and ask that any converted opinions and points not be resurrected in further threads.

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