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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Grow In Holiness

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Brother you will have to speak more clearly before I can understand you. I asked you why you support a forum where a heretic is quoted. Accusing a member of heresy is very serious and I question how either you or Paul are qualified to throw it around when neither of you know much about the doctrine I believe in, which you repeatedly show rather than finding out just what I believe by asking questions. Not very loving is it?

I don't recall Mr West calling you a heretic Brenda. I did however and therefore must support that if you are saying that I was false to do so.

You have said that the words "I'm not sure I believe in a physical resurrection. Jesus did not have a solid body" were added. Does that mean that you recognise the quote as a whole? It is part of a greater post in which the poster shares some personal details about their walk including a successful walk for 18 months without sinning. It is a post made in defence of entire sanctification on a site where it was being slammed as heretical by the site owner. The post was made on 28/11/2005.

 2013/7/14 16:41

Joined: 2007/4/25
Posts: 1473
Scotland, UK


Colin Murray

 2013/7/14 16:48Profile



Please give a link for the quote stated. The rest was written by me but "I'm not sure I believe in a physical resurrection. Jesus did not have a solid body" was not written by me, it has been added. I have held to the Apostles Creed since I came to Christ 40 years ago. Jesus came in the flesh and I have never used the term 'solid body'.

 2013/7/15 0:50


 2013/7/15 1:42


Thanks Andrew I have written to the author of the site to ask him to remove the post.

How on earth could anyone think that the statement I am supposed to make is genuine that I agree with the writers anti- christian rants.

What also stands out is that after the author made a comment, the apparent answer from me was not a reply to the question, it looks like a continuation of what I had written before the question. The comments by the author look like they have been inserted in something he has picked up from somewhere else, and inserted a false statement to back up his own anti- Christian beliefs. I do not remember ever writing on that site and don't see why I would do that as the author is obviously not a believer.

 2013/7/15 2:04


 2013/7/15 7:06


I am not denying having written that article for a Quaker site, it is the other link containing a statement form me that Jesus did not come in the flesh.

 2013/7/15 10:23


 2013/7/15 15:11



You asked me if I could show you someone else with the same doctrine, and I have found someone. He is Edward Burrough who wrote a most explicit statement of belief concerning holiness and the early Quakers in 1657.

"We believe that the saints upon the earth may receive forgiveness of sins and may be perfectly freed from the body of sin and death, and in Christ may be perfect and without sin and may have victory over all temptations by faith in Jesus Christ. And we believe every saint called of God, ought to press after perfection,and to overcome the devil and all his temptations....and we believe they that faithfully wait for it shall obtain it, and be presented without sin in the image of the Father and such walks not after the flesh but after the Spirit and are in covenant with God and their sins are blotted out and remembered no more."

 2013/7/15 16:00



I did not join that site. The owner has cut and pasted (and added to) a post from another forum. I did not know his beliefs apart from him saying that those who teach entire sanctification should mean that it is about complete sinlessness and offered to discuss it further to see where he was coming from but he did not respond.

Jesus rose from the dead physically.

 2013/7/15 16:02

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