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 how sad...

Was thinking how sad it is to see how quickly my little corner of the world has changed. Was driving through parts of MA and CT today and was struck with the reality that at one time this area was a part of the Great Awakening. Men like Jonathan Edwards, David Brainard, George Whitefield, all were used mighty by the LORD in this area to stir mens hearts and point them to JESUS. I realize of course this is nothing new, that men apart from JESUS will always return to religion but as I drove through the towns and down the country roads it just really hit me how changed this area is now. So many are lost or deceived in dead religion. I felt moved to pray for the lost to see their great need for CHRIST and that mens hearts would once again be opened to seeing the truth, that they would repent and cry out to the LORD!!

God bless

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 Re: how sad...

think about can start with you.

yes you MJ......the lost cannot see their need, until forerunners, prayer warriors, light the way....yes?

as you are called, now is the time to gather the praying saints of New can start with you, gather saints with a similar burden, and pray large, with tears.

You know what non-canonical book has been setting me on fire? Brother Len's "Why Revival Tarries"......

I cant describe the impact its had on me, in human words, and though brother Len be with the Lord....just on Sermonindex's youtube channel, our precious brother Greg has converted I would assume from VHS to digital, MANY of brother Len's video teachings/more like exhortations.....and I know this....we need the starts WITH US.

for now, forget about the lost....This must start in the PULPIT!!!...and if the pastors, priests, don't want to catch ablaze...start praying for worms of Christ to catch on fire for Christ....if this must be outside the institutionalized "church", so be it....but it starts with us.

here's my prayer..ready?...may we all tarry for our own private Gethesemane experiences with Jesus.....PRESSED OUT, till we think we're going mad...or let the WORLD think we are MAD....but let us seek the Fire of God the Holy Spirit...Fire baptized......Praise God, that's what I've been tarrying for.....3 steps forward, 2 steps back....Bless God, that He is merciful with such as I.

maybe 2 or 4 or 7 other praying saints come along side us...and we pray. and we pray...keeping our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus...fixed on eternity.

oh blessed ministry of secret prayer!!!....that's what I prayed for so kind, and pray it for me?...over here in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin...God love you dear sister, I do, in Jesus Name, neil

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MaryJane, I understand your sadness. I experience the same in my family. As I look at my dad's family - his nephews - only one male is carrying forth the faith as was common in this family since the American revolution. This name, one that was as common as could be, is dying spiritually. It can and does happen. But to see it is heartbreaking.

This just reminds me of the saying that "God has only children, no grandchildren." I think we tend to forget that at times especially when children were brought up in church, to fear the LORD but they turn their back on it.

Neil, inspiring post....

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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