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Yes we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit Greg. I mean it's such a great thing in a persons life.

Paul was baptised in the Holy Spirit and when we look at his teachings he didn't advocate our battle with sin as being finished.

I know there is a walk of grace and we can receive of the Holy Spirit as we are walking daily in fellowship and faith with Him.

But I'm an advocate of the teaching of repentance, because i was blinded by the teaching that once we have the spirit there is no more dying to self, it's all done through the holy spirit inside us on a daily basis. So just put your feet up and relax kind of thing. That's what I thought it was going to be like.

I sometimes believed the baptism of the Holy Spirit came too soon for me. Because i crashed and burned. But I never forgot the power and filling of Gods love that came to me from Him and that has kept me on the road to repentance.

David Keel

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I'm sorry for the confusion, but I was not aware that 'the finished work of Christ' is a refutal of second blessing or rather holiness teaching.

I believe that everything needed for us was attained on the cross but I also believe that most if not all believers are unable to enter into full salvation which includes release from the power and presence of sin and become sons of God until a later date, if indeed it occurs, in the form of a crisis experience. It's not that anything further is needed, as it is a complete entering into to what has already been achieved for us.

Brother Greg


Where a confusion can occur is if we believe that one is not regenerated and born-again unless they receive a second work of the Spirit. To believe such is not Biblical.


I agree that the reception of the Spirit in baptism is the point of being born again and is one work of grace not two. The initial working of the Spirit in the life of a believer is to bring one to know that one is a sinner and forgiveness is available through the cross and to give a man the power to BECOME a son of God, not that he already is.

The term second blessing causes so much confusion that I will no longer use. There is only one blessing to place one into Christ but there is a working previous to this.

 2013/6/30 4:44

Joined: 2006/5/11
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West Sussex, England


I dont want to get too far away from 'rbanks' orignal topic, have I done that already? But I got baptised with the Holy spirit when I first put my trust in christ for my salvation. It wasn't when I got baptised in water.
I still want that baptism again.

I like the story of Duncan Campbell when he got baptised in the spirit. He was being carried from a battle field on the back of a horse when he asked God to make him holy. But I think I'm right in saying he was a Christian believer before this. And he got this 2nd blessing. The baptism of the spirit.

But I think to come into
the rest which has been mentioned by rbanks it seems from Scripture as if obedience is tied up with that.

Rbanks I'm sorry if subjects ebb and flow away from the original topic. You should keep posting your topics. I sometimes wish that the title of the orignal post was carried into the heading of every subsequent post on the forum. It would probably help things from getting too far off course.
Instead of the word 'profile' being at the heading. It could be moved to the left hand column next to the persons name and the topic title could replace that word.

David Keel

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Thanks everyone for all your comments and for your kindness!

I am not saying that we have to use the phrase "The finished work of Christ" because I wasn't thinking about how it has been misinterpreted.

I was thinking on the lines of the work of the Father that Jesus completed for our redemption.

Now we all should know that apart from Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins we cannot be saved. Also apart from our believing in Him we cannot receive and experience a born again relationship with God.

I have become more thankful for all the work from the Father that Jesus did to make it possible for us to be formed to His image.

The bible teaches us that we were predestined in Christ Jesus to be conformed to His image.

I have come to believe that God will not except any self effort or any works from my self and that I can add nothing to the already finished work that was accomplished by Christ from His Father.

What I am saying is that there is nothing for us to do that Jesus has not already accomplished for us that we are to only enter into by faith and to work out by faith. It is God who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

By grace through faith are we placed into Christ Jesus and have His Spirit in us being His workmanship unto the good works.

From beginning to the end it is by the Spirit through our believing in Him and His word. The Word and the Spirit are one, and life to us, and will accomplish in us everything that Christ has accomplished for us as long as we continue in the grace of our Lord Jesus diligently believing and seeking God.

Paul said forgetting those things that are behind me and reaching for those things before me, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ. I believe complete Christ likeness is the goal and Christ has done all the work that we are to work in faith by His Spirit to arrive there.

There are many blessings and experiences that we receive by our faith in Him along the journey because Christ has made it possible by The blood of His cross and ascension to the pouring out of the Holy Spirit into us who continually believe in Him.

It is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord!

Blessings...fro brother rbanks

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