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Hi Greg,


What is the base monthly price for Obama-care for a Two-Parent Family?

This will depend on several factors. For instance, income, size of family and availability to employer offered health care all contribute to the cost that you will be required to pay by next year under Obamacare (and if it isn't repealed).

There are several "calculators" that estimate the cost of your health care insurance premium that you will be required to purchase for yourself and your family under Obamacare.

Here is one from the Washington Post:

Here is one from the Kaiser Family Foundation:

Remember: Both of these organizations are a bit "favorable" of Obamacare, so their "results" may reflect that. Secondly, the price of health insurance premium rates are skyrocketing due to regulations and oversight from Obamacare. It is estimated that insurance rates will have effectively TRIPLED by 2015 from their 2010 level. Some of these current "results" and potential fines might be based upon the 2010 Congressional estimates and prices of insurance.

The penalty from the IRS for those who cannot or will not purchase government-approved health insurance will differ from family to family depending on who is not covered and the income of that family.

Here are a couple of examples of what Obamacare will cost:


Man (age 30), wife (age 27)
No children or dependents
Income: $39,000 per year

Yearly cost: $3,140 and $3,705 per year -- or no more than 30% of the full price of insurance at the time (whichever is higher).

IRS fine for no insurance purchase: $1,390

Man (age 33) wife (age 33)
One child (age 3)
Household Income: $32,000

Yearly cost: $1,280 to $2,016 per year or 15% of the total cost of health insurance premium (whichever is higher).

IRS fine for no insurance: $1,738

Man (age 28)
No children
Household income: $15,080 (full time minimum wage)

Yearly cost: $452 to $603 or 6% of the total cost of health insurance premium (whichever is higher)

IRS fine for no insurance: $695

Man (age 58) wife (age 56)
Children: Ages 17, 15, 5
Household income: $52,500

Yearly cost: Between $2,100 to $3,308 or 15% of the total cost of health insurance premium (whichever is higher)

IRS fine for no insurance: $2,085

Man (age 50) wife (age 50)
No dependents
Household income: $105,000

Yearly cost: FULL PRINCE. No subsidy is available.

IRS fine for no insurance: $1,390


What is interesting about this is that a recent study found that 75% of Americans are "living paycheck to paycheck." In other words, they have nothing left to save at the end of each month after their bills are paid.

If a family -- especially low and middle income) cannot afford insurance now, what makes anyone think that they can afford it next year simply because it is the law? After all, they are already living paycheck-to-paycheck.

In addition, there are a large percentage of Americans who are self-employed or sole proprietors of small businesses. Consequently, the income of the business counts toward a total "household income" when it comes to health insurance. As many small business owners are aware, much (if not all) of "income" go toward various expenses of the business.

In certain instances, a small business owner with nothing left over after business expenses are paid will be left in the upper echelon of insurance premium rates and left without a subsidy.

Anyway, I hope that this helps. I personally appreciate a few things about the health care bill that was being debated (such as stipulations against rejecting those with preexisting conditions). However, the law is one of the messiest and most confusing pieces of legislation that I have ever tried to read through. It is almost as confusing as the U.S. tax code. It is ironic that it was argued in court as being a "tax" (yet not to the American people). The legislation ultimately hurts Americans who were already hurting.

Poor and Middle class Americans couldn't afford insurance in the first place. While it can be nice that it offers some the ability to have insurance at a reduced rate, it won't matter if you have nothing left at the end of a month anyway.

There are a few alternatives. I haven't looked into the one mentioned in this thread yet. There are options to simply opt out for religious reasons (ala the Amish). There are also some who might simply prefer to pay the IRS penalty since it is often cheaper than insurance. However, this might affect your "credit rating" and could potentially lead to higher penalties if you can't pay the fine immediately.


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Based on all the information here, I don't think I can afford to live in America. I cannot afford to buy my own insurance, and I cannot afford to buy into the plan discussed here, and I will not qualify for Medicaid because my state has not expanded Medicaid. I also cannot afford the fine. So if I end up in jail for failure to pay for insurance and failure to pay the fine, I guess my kids will end up in foster care. I am sure that will be great for them and will obviously save the government money (said with sarcasm). Maybe its time for me to find some other country to live in, where perhaps I can make my own choices.

I fail to see how this system is helping me or anyone else who is poor for that matter. Unless you are dirt poor and eligible for Medicaid, that is.


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Natalie, I understand your dilemma. I, too, wonder if there is not other country one can emigrate to where the cost of living is lower. We have a friend who likes to brag about Costa Rica. They have no standing army, medical care is inexpensive; many Americans go there to have dental work done.

I suspect there will be many who will be forced to make decisions that were common 200 years ago, all in the name of freedom to live as your conscience dictates.

God bless you...God will surely have to be your husband, your provider. Freedom - as we have known it for all these years - is on a fast track to becoming a memory.

Sandra Miller

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Thanks for your encouragement. I have had so many things on my shoulders this past month, it is good to know that God is in control. I was listening to a song today and I just kept weeping and replaying the same verse over and over again:

Before the throne of God above
I have a strong and perfect plea:
A great High Priest, whose name is Love,
Whoever lives and pleads for me.
My name is graven on His hands,
My name is written on His heart;
I know that while in heaven He stands
No tongue can bid me thence depart
No tongue can bid me thence depart.

Such a comfort to know that I am not alone, because Christ Himself is my Advocate before the Throne of Grace! I may not see how God is going to turn things around for me, but I know that He is Merciful and Kind and Good and that He will not test me beyond my ability to take it.

I had been praying and fasting a few months back (just for strength and guidance on this new journey) and felt the Lord tell me to go abroad to minister. I am quite ready to go, even if I am a bit scared, but those I have consulted have discouraged me from doing this now. This issue makes me rethink their advice; perhaps the Lord was speaking to me and it is one way for Him to protect me from these issues. I will continue in prayer about it.


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"What is the base monthly price?"

You need to read their guidelines very carefully.

There are pre-existing conditions not covered.

Routine visits not covered (Dental Cleaning, checkup for one).

By the way, the 10th circuit court ruled in Hobby Lobby's favor regarding ObamaCare.

 2013/6/29 9:50

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"I had been praying and fasting a few months back (just for strength and guidance on this new journey) and felt the Lord tell me to go abroad to minister. I am quite ready to go, even if I am a bit scared, but those I have consulted have discouraged me from doing this now. This issue makes me rethink their advice; perhaps the Lord was speaking to me and it is one way for Him to protect me from these issues. I will continue in prayer about it."

Natalie, you hit upon a concept that has me thinking a lot in recent days: how dependable is another's advice? Proverbs tells us there is safety in the counsel of others. I have found this to be true when I am in dilemma, when I am not sure of all the facts, but am also finding that it is not ALWAYS the case. There have been times when I said something to another and I repeated it to a friend and they said, "Sandra, you didn't!" and I am left confused - I was so sure the Holy Spirit was leading me to do so. I am at the moment seriously reconsidering what I share with others...

Natalie, you keep praying and once you feel in your spirit the LORD prompting you, you do it. It may also help if you ask for divine intervention to facilitate what you sense the LORD leading you to do. Having said all this, the devil will throw lots of challenges your way forcing you to question the LORD's leading. You can count on it. (EDIT - ADDED: Whatever decision you make I suggest you do not railroad your way through to accomplish your goal. If roadblocks appear, ask the LORD to deal with them. My suggestion.)

God bless. Will pray for you as the Holy Spirit reminds me.


Sandra Miller

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San Diego

 Re: Samaritan Ministries

It was with something of a heavy heart that my wife and I had to drop out of Samaritan Ministries when we were forced into Medicare. For many years we had been members, and our needs were always met. It was a pleasure to send checks to other hurting believers, and once or twice when we needed help the checks arrived promptly with love attached!

I can vouch for how well it worked for us, but it is redundant to the mandates of medicare so we had to drop out. I don't know how long Dear Leader will allow this free enterprise solution to go on, but it is a good program right now.

Obamacare may remain the law of the land, but it is a lead balloon. Good doctors will not work for minimum wages to be paid 6 months later, and it cannot function without vigorous death panels. Medical mediocrity is the very best it can hope for, and rationing will be necessary to push upward on the balloon.

Lose weight, eat healthy, make friends with a good chiropractor, and draw near to God.

(Hmmmph! And I used to be a Registered Nurse!)

Tom Cameron

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Talked to a brother today whose mother is on medicare and some provisions of Obamacare have already kicked in related to medicare. What happened was that his mother needed hip replacement surgery but because she is on medicare a law went into effect Jan 1, 2013 which states that she must have 3 months pre-surgery therapy. I told this brother that sounded crazy since it is established she needs the surgery what in the world is the 3 month therapy for? Is it to prove to the government that she truly needs hip replacement? He said, "No", that he "thinks it is the beginning of Obamacare "waiting periods" for major procedures.

A friend of mine from Canada just got cleared for a surgical operation after waiting 1 year.

This is where we are headed. Survival of the fittest or maybe the richest.

 2013/7/1 0:16

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Got a question for you.

If you are on medicare are you required to buy additional insurance?

For many years my husband and I had no health insurance. The LORD took good care of us, we had few medical bills, opting to pray for our health instead. If all would frequent the doctors offices as little as we do, most will have to go dig ditches...

Now we have medicare and never yet used up our deductible. I resent being forced to buy what I do not want.

(I do find it inconsistent that Medicare/medicaid will pay for heart transplants but not hearing aides!)

Anyhow, do not forget my original question, please.


Sandra Miller

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Answer to Ginny.
"If you are on medicare are you required to buy additional insurance?"

"No. ACA is the bridge between Medicaid & Medicare. It affects all working, taxpaying citizens, except all those organizations that had been offered the exemption status. "

That came from my Prudential Insurance friend.

 2013/7/1 14:47

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