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 All True Gospel Workers Do Not Seek After Money but God

All true coworkers in the Lord never seek for money but for God’s anointing to serve other people. Many in our day state that we need large sums of money to do the work of God and this is false.

God never said that the work to disciple the nations required large amounts of money but rather it requires sacrifice which in some cases ends in martyrdom for the Gospel witness.

In the early Church sacrificial giving was a way of life. As stated in Acts: “They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.”

Jesus did not stop the poor widow from giving her last money. He knew that His Father would provide for her. The early Church took up special collections for the poor and saints in need. Tithing was not practiced in the early Church but Christians gave to each other to support those in need. They also supported the Apostles and the brother of Jesus who were in ministry. First Corinthians chapter 13 teaches us that if we do anything without love then it is worthless.

If we give in order to get something from God it is worthless. If we give under duress when we really did not want to give, it is worthless.

In the days of Eli the priest, his two sons were greedy for gain and used fleshhooks to take back the best sacrifice meat for themselves.

“This was happening in the house of God. Robbing God of His portion. What a sin. The same thing is happening today among God’s servants in God’s house. The love for money, love for power, love for fame and Name. These are the three great fleshhook teeth today among God’s people and God’s servants. Doing much for money’s sake never satisfied. Telling false stories for more money. What a shame. Making God a beggar.”


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