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 Christianity is Not about Money No Matter what the TV Preacher Tells You!

Christianity is not about money, it’s about people. Sadly modern Christendom has been overwhelmed with the salesman who sells Christ as ware and treats the holy things as a way to profit financially.

It does not take much discernment for the worldly person to see the counterfeit preacher on TV who makes money look like their god.

Yet, sadly, believers who are asleep spiritually, and have not been seeking the Lord, are given over to this delusion which is coming upon them in masses.

False teachers abound and the saints are sleeping. There needs to be a clarion cry across all nations that God is not for sale and is against those who love money and equate righteousness with financial gain and profit.

The abuse of seeking after money even in the position of elder or preacher is something that goes back all the way to the Old Testament. Characters such as Balaam and others sought ministry endeavors for their greediness to gain financially. The Scriptures speak of the error of Balaam, the way of Balaam and the doctrine of Balaam. He was hired and sought to do his priestly work for monetary gain even teaching things contrary to the Word of God.

Such hirelings sadly abound in Christendom today.

All true coworkers in the Lord never seek for money but for God’s anointing to serve other people. Many in our day state that we need large sums of money to do the work of God and this is false. God never said that the work to disciple the nations required large amounts of money but rather it requires sacrifice which in some cases ends in martyrdom for the Gospel witness.


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