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On the 15th to 19th of January 2014, a number of students will be gathering for our 4th PRAYER AND WORD CONF. Often times it is difficult to find good books around, say books like those of the puritans, and a number of authors in SI. we want to seize this occasion to expose our friends to very good revival books and sound doctrinal literature. Herald of his coming and some materials we do print from SI have been helpful these past years, but if we can get hard copy books (free or subsidized) we will appreciate. You can use any of this address: Campus Revivalist Squad C/o Our saviour's Chapel (interdenominational protestant chaplaincy) university of port harcourt. Nigeria. Or my personal address: 75A Anozie street, mile 2 Diobu, port harcourt, nigeria. If you are sending pls contact me on how i could make necessary payment on or Thanks

 2013/6/22 6:36


Here are a few good links for you to browse where you can find many very good books for free download.

There is also the Project Gutenberg which offers 42,910 free ebooks to download.

Read the welcome section of the splash page for details.

The specific link of the relevant section at the Gutenberg Project is

If you have a list of books which you specifically need please let me know and I will arrange to have them delivered to you in Nigeria via friend there. No money will be necessary.

 2013/6/22 7:38

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Iyke, thank you for your zeal and for planning well in advance of the date!

 2013/6/22 17:25Profile


Thank u so much amrkelly. Here are some books i'll be most grateful to receive:
1. E.M BOUNDS "Purpose in prayer" and any other work by the same author.
2. David Brainard Diary as edited by Jonathan Edward.
3. "Why revival tarry" this book is in a very high demand, if we can get a good number of copies say 5, it will be wonderful. and other works by leonard ravenhill
4. "With christ in the school of prayer" and any other work by Andrew murray.
5. Any book on revival histories.
6. Biographical books. Eg journals of john wesley, R.M M'cheny, C.G Finny. Especially of missionaries like hudson taylor, etc
7. Any puritan book. Eg. John Bunyan, Richard Sibb, John owen, william Gurnall etc.
Works by any of these authors will also be appreciated: A.W Tozer, J. Oswald Sander, Wesley Duewel, john newton.
We are expecting close to 200 students for this conference. Our intention is to set up a libery with those of the books we recieve free, and sell at subsidized price the ones we buy. Thank u so much, i'm highly expectant, the earlier i get them the better it would be as we hope to do a further market search by August, so if it comes before then we will not run into the mistake of buying one book twice. This is my personal contact 08163331057 your friend can contact me on that line. GOD BLESS YOU INDEED

 2013/6/26 5:06

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