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just found this quote from greg laurie about john mac

John MacArthur, one of the greatest preachers alive, is always willing to speak his mind about what the Scripture teaches. I have many of his volumes in my library and am honored to count him as a friend.

In addition, John was one of the featured speakers at our recent Preach the Word Conference.

He recently posted an article on the topic of the frank discussion of sex in the pulpit and more that caused quite a stir. This article was brought to my attention, and I was asked my position on what he said.

My response was that I am in complete agreement with it. In fact, I wrote a similar blog post on the topic about six weeks ago.

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My question to John MacArthur, whom I respect, and other cezsionust would be.......if the sign gifts of the Spirit have ceased after the first century.......then how do you explain the ongoing activity of the Holy Spirit in the 1040 window? Moslems are coming to Christ in great numbers by dreams and visions of Jesus. And this cannot be written off as an activity if Satan because many of these Moslem background believers who have cone to Christ will be persecuted and some will be martyred.

There are also credible healing that are takng place in the 1040. I remember hearing a Pakistani pastor say some doctors in Pakistan will tell their patients go to the Christians they can heal you. I cannot. These are Moslem doctors trained at some if the finest medical schools in the world.

If the sign gifts have disappeared in the first century. Then the 1040 church has not gotten the word.


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I found this as I expected ,,,,from a sermon of john mac
showing that he does believe that god still heals ;;;

tho I myself believe in the sign gifts ,,,,I more so believe that god heals through the prayer of his nomal faith filled saints apart from the gift of healing ,,and that would easly explain all these healings IF they are real healing

john mac says here

Somebody asked me recently if we get a lot of people here coming out of healing churches? I say, "Yes, we get the people who go and don't get healed, no question about it." What a tragic thing; multitudes go away shattered, disconsolate, feeling either they have failed God or God has failed them. Now let me say this, people are going to say, "Well, are you saying God doesn't heal?" No, I'm not saying that, if God wants to heal, He can heal. That's completely, obviously within His power, and if it's in his purpose He can heal. He may heal as a result of prayer. He may heal through simple processes, through medical assistance, or he may heal in a way that we can't explain medically. God may speed up the recovery mechanism and restore a person to health in a way that medicine can't even explain. Sometimes He may overrule a medical prognosis and allow someone to recover from a normally debilitating disease.

Healings like that may come, He may do them; He may do them in response to prayer, He may do them just because He wants to do them. But the gift of healing, and the ability to heal, and special anointings for healing, and healings that can be claimed and therefore realized, and all the typical faith healing technique billed on the idea that God wants everybody well all the time, has no Biblical sanction whatsoever in the post-apostolic era.

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It's fascinating to see how teachers who claim to be so strong on hermaneutics violate those principles when they want to defend their biased opinion. There are many tactics that MacArthur uses that violate the principles he himself professes but I'll just touch on two:

(1) In regard to the 1 Cor. 14:4 he comments on Paul's statement "he that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue edifieth himself". Would anyone reading that verse in the context of that chapter and anywhere else the word "edify" is used interpret that to mean "puffs up" himself. I quote MacArthur: "The first verse they assume 'speaking in an unknown tongue' builds someone up, when in fact, Paul was saying it in a negative sense. It puffs your ego, or it, at best (if you do it in private) would benefit you, which would be selfish and contrary to any proper use of spiritual gifts." I'm not going to waste anyones time by elaborating further on such a biased interpretation of the word edify.

(2) Regarding cessation of spiritual gifts, MacArthur uses the same bias against the supernatural that he criticizes the evolutionists of that base their worldview on "naturalism" (a presupposition that rules out the supernatural). The fact is, the only scripture that truly implies how long the spiritual gifts would be in operation is 1 Cor. 1:7 where Paul writes: "So that you come behind in no gift, waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." How long are spiritual gifts to be utilized by the church? Until the second coming of Jesus.

John Gil's commentary affirms this when he writes: " So that ye come behind in no gift,.... Ordinary or extraordinary; a detail of the gifts which were bestowed on them is made in 1 Corinthians 12:8; by which it appears that they were not inferior in gifts to any of the churches waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ who will appear a second time, come in great glory, will raise the dead, and judge both quick and dead; when gifts will cease and be of no more use, and when they must all be accounted for; and therefore, till that time comes, should be diligently made use of, and improved to the interest and service of Christ."

When does John Gil say the Scripture teaches gifts of the Spirit will cease? When Jesus returns. These were not the biased words of a charasmatic or pentecostal. Gil was far from that. But he had the integrity to state what this scripture plainly taught and we should heed his words that we will give an account for how we use these gifts which are operative until Christ returns.

Baruch Ha-Shem!

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