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 God moving?

The simple question is Is God moving and how do you know?

If God moving in your life and you know it is God for sure and not just a fact of everyday life?

I truly cannot give an answer to this question for my own personal life. I engage in conversation with some about God. One is the Church of Christ fellow and all he seems to want to do is 'set the record' straight on what salvation is and then what the doctrine of Jesus is. Somehow I don't think this is God moving, or is it?

I am careful in what things I say anywhere anymore and examine my thoughts a bit more carefully so that if I have to answer to something I disagree with I can say why and yet I don't see God moving in this. Or at least my spirit isn't seeing God in it.

Then I ask, how do I know if God is moving because we tend to see God moving when it comes to a person's salvation or realize something happen that could only be supernatural and yet what about those things that don't fit that category?
i.e. Last week, at work, I had someone sit with me for a few hours to see how our work flow went so he could understand our side vs. his side. I was able to ask him questions and he gave me some much needed information about how I might proceed in the future in a career change. It is something I couldn't get any other way. But, was this God or just a circumstance?

As I type this out I seem to keep hearing the words 'By Faith' but I am hearing it in my head and not my heart. Is it my head wanting me to believe God is there?

Lastly, A reason why I ask this is because I just read a short story from Vietnam about angels and motorcycles and it caused me to wonder if this kind of supernatural events happens here and if so why do we not read about it anywhere? I asked myself why do I need see its markings or is my mindset too Americanized to what to see it?



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 Re: God moving?

We can't know for sure about exactly where and when God the real God, is moving. A lot of faith filled people seem to suggest that God is moving in many many ways. But a faith filled person isn't always in close fellowship with God. I believe that we see the real God moving in our lives when we listen and obey and love and follow Him. I find then He draws closer to us.

Jeremiah 29 v 11-14 is a promise that a lot of believers have heard from God.

David Keel

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 Re: God moving?

Greetings John

you wrote: It is something I couldn't get any other way. But, was this God or just a circumstance?


I am learning that GOD is in every circumstance, there is no matter in my life that is to small for HIM to involve HIMSELF in. I know GOD cares about the big things and the LITTLE things in my life...HE is involved and cares about everything I do, or say, how I live and what the attitude of my heart is. When I lay down my life and die to self, when I submit and obey HIM as LORD in my life then I see GOD move and its amazing!!

God bless

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Set your heart to seek God with all your might. Seek him day and night with such a desire that you must experience him in your life.

Don't stop until he moves in your life. Brother let me tell you that around 7 years ago I was seeking God in prayer like never before when on the 10th day not knowing how many days it was, God filled me with the Holy Spirit to overflowing with supernatural happenings in my life. I have never doubted this mighty experience with God.

I'm telling you brother it has given me such boldness that I have felt at times like I could do anything. I mean I have felt so much power that I believe that I could conquer anything.

Brother, God is so awesome!!

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 Re: God moving?yes and no

I heard a close brother once say to me while witnessing on the streets, that Jesus went where he was invited, I never forgot that.

I think that I don't always need to see "God" moving in a grand way, the Israelites did not observe the Red Sea parting until it was needed, as with the many follow-up instances recorded in the OT. In the NT John records that Jesus did so much in a short amount of time that it would be difficult to contain it all in books. I have observed that where Jesus is invited the manifestation of God is limitless, the real lack I believe is in the invitation to Jesus with an openness to allow Him to operate in a manner He so chooses. I can only speak for myself here, but more times than not, I mess it up for Him by trying to make something happen or fix something on my own that I have no business trying to fix, and can't really fix anyway(humanely speaking).

I do think that God is in the little things too, however He certainly does not micro manage our lives either, otherwise we would not need to be judged by Him in the parable of the talents.


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