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 Customs or principles?

Brothers & Sisters,

I realize that certain things can be a very sensitive subject to some people. I believe that we must obey all the teachings of Christ and when we come to certain passages in the bible we struggle because we have a hard time understanding exactly what the apostles were saying around 2000 years ago. We have a hard time distinguishing the difference in the principle that is binding and the custom that may not be binding.

The principles of authority and ordinances in 1 cor. 11 are binding and are to continue until the return of Christ. Paul also stated that if eating meat offended my brother than he would eat no mean as long as the world stands. He also said that “one man esteems one day above another and another man esteems every day alike” let every man be persuaded in his own heart. It seems that Paul was considering that some Jews were having a hard time with the freedom that the new covenant brought about so he just stated for us not to judge one another but we were not to do anything that would cause others to stumble.

The main teaching of the head covering is that God has an order of things and a line of authority. He always wants there to be a clear distinction in the sexes and a proper line of authority that we are to recognize. We are not to bring dishonor to our head. We are not to cause confusion and we are to properly submit to God’s authority. The apostle Paul only mentioned the head covering in Corinth and also short hair and long hair. I believe he was using custom and nature because that is the environment that we live in. The Jews had customs and so did the Greeks and so does the church of God.

Now some believe that the custom of wearing a covering other than hair on a woman’s head is a commandment for the church throughout the ages for women. I for one do not personally believe that whether a woman wears an extra covering on her head or doesn't is the beauty of her submission. The beauty of her submission is in her heart yielded in obedience to Christ the Lord and her husband by love.

I would not want to do anything to destroy true submission unto the Lord but if we think that the only way true submission for women can be achieved is the custom of a certain head covering then I think we have missed the whole passage of 1 cor. 11:2-16.

Finally, the customs you are living in have a lot to do with how you act and carry yourself. Now if you are in a certain area where customs mean certain things and the majority of the people know it then it can matter. I will not tell a woman that is wearing a certain head covering not to do so. I also wouldn't tell a women who loved God and was truly submissive in her heart as best she knew how that she needed to wear an extra head covering other than her hair to truly be submissive when it was not a custom she knew anything about nor others around her.

Blessings...from brother rbanks

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 Re: Customs or principles?

And then there is the conviction of the Holy Spirit who works contrary to prevailing culture. Saints are set apart for his Glory, exhibiting his holiness which is counter-cultural. So, if one looks odd in that context, it will at least give people something else to think about! :-)

Sandra Miller

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Which then begs the question. Why are some people lead by the Spirit one way on this issue. And some people led another way on the issue.

Question asked respectfully


 2013/6/17 17:34

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Quote: will at least give people something else to think about! :-)

What "people" are you referring to?

I thought this practice was for God.

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 Re: Customs or principles?

Which then begs the question. Why are some people lead by the Spirit one way on this issue. And some people led another way on the issue.

Question asked respectfully Blaine

How can anyone answer a question such as this brother? We all have our liberty in the Lord. How many children delight in the sacred and how many delight in the mundane? Little children especially are a delight when they sincerely and freely say or do those things which are honouring to God. Yet we do not despise the little children who look for naughty things to do. Why would we question anything which of itself is delightful and speak of the leading of God, as though somehow one who has come into a desire to do something by childish reason needs to be convicted? I am speaking of all who believe because obedience is in the first instance a childish desire to please God. We do not ordinarily say that the child who seeks for something naughty to do is convicted by God to act naughtily, neither ought we to assume that every child who desires to do a good thing is lead of God by way of a conviction. Let those who do a good thing continue to do a good thing and those who seek the mundane continue to seek the mundane. If then conviction is necessary then let it be necessary. The fact is for some sisters the covering seems entirely reasonable and pleasant. Why can't we just agree on that and be blessed that they have such a mind to be modest and set apart.

It takes real courage to be of such a mind. I can't help but say it, but I find modesty and separateness in a sister a truly delightful thing. It gives no ground for stumbling and yet it frames beauty in the sight of men. What wisdom of God.

 2013/6/17 18:23

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Beautifully said, AMR. Very generous of you to allow others to be "mundane" and "naughty". I can't think of a better way to minister love and encouragement to so many people.

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The last discussion thread was fruitful and had good contributions by many. We asked that it would be ended and the discussion on headcoverings for now be put to rest. Thus the last thread was locked. We are going to lock this also and ask that brothers and sisters do not personally attack each other in these conversations.

My encouragement to brethren is to see the rich history of most of Christendom that practiced this throughout the ages. Also the fact that most of the early Church did also as much as we can tell.

I do not personally in anyway judge or think one sister better or worse to cover it is firstly a heart issue and the covering can be a beautiful expression of the godly heart of a sister.

We are locking this thread and ask that saints do not re-open it again with the same spirit of arguing brother against sister, etc.

Thank you for your maturity in this dear believers.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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