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 Peace By Submission - Alan Martin

"Submitting to peace" is the way to preserve the unity of the Spirit. Yes, we are instructed to "submit" to the peace of Christ - "LET the peace of Christ RULE in your hearts to which you were called as members of one body." We allow the peace of Christ to "rule" when we submit ourselves voluntarily. The Greek word for "rule" is very similar to the English word "umpire". Umpires have the authority to make decisions whenever there is a controversy.

We should not be surprised that believers view matters differently at times; but those differences do not have to lead to division if we "submit" to the umpire - THE PEACE OF CHRIST! Our Lord commanded us to "be at peace among yourselves" - therefore, when there is an occasion to take issue with another member of the body, we are instructed to "submit ourselves" to the church's umpire - the PEACE OF CHRIST. This voluntary submission preserves "the unity of the Spirit" through the bond of peace.

Contention in the church always comes through pride - a work of the flesh. The mind of the flesh is contentious, it does not submit to peace because it can not submit; those who walk after the flesh can never please God or live in peace with those living after the Spirit. Carnal men divide the church because they do not submit to the umpire's call. Jude warned that - "in the last days there will be mockers among you who walk according to their own ungodly lusts - they are sensual persons who do not have the Spirit - these are the ones causing division."

The flesh and the Spirit will always war against each other; carnal men will never allow the peace of Christ "to make the call" ; they insist on having their own way and that is why they cause division. The beauty of becoming "one in Spirit" will only become a reality through our "mutual submission one to another." When we voluntarily "submit" (let the peace of Christ rule), we will preserve the unity of the Spirit and secure the blessing of God. Jesus said -" blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God." God blesses His sons who are led by His Spirit, because they preserve the unity of His family through their reverent submission.

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