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 New Book: Hath God Said? - on the emergent church movement

The labels Emergent Church, Emerging Church, Emergence Christianity, and New Christianity all imply innovative and progressive understandings of Orthodox Christianity. Like nailing jello to a wall, many have attempted to understand and define the Emergent movement only to be frustrated and confused.

At the heart of the Emerging movement is the worldview of postmodernism which teaches that truth is relative and subjective. This ebook by Elliott Nesch, Hath God Said? – Emergent Church Theology, demonstrates how postmodernism is incompatible with a biblical worldview of absolute truth and the authority of the Scriptures on various topics including feminism, homosexuality, hell, mysticism, eschatology, Jesus Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and more.

In Hath God Said? – Emergent Church Theology, the teachings of the Emergent movement are exposed in light of Scripture. Also by comparing early Church writings with Emergent writings, it becomes evident that the Emerging Church is not preaching the faith once delivered to the saints.

This book is available for FREE as a PDF file here:

or available in EPUB and MOBI formats here:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: New Book: Hath God Said? - on the emergent church movement

Thanks so much for sharing this resource brother. I hope to read it very soon. This topic is of vital importance in this day and age. Emergent teaching is springing up all over the place and creeping into many churches and denominations that were once solid in the faith. I believe it is wise to be equipped in this area and ready to give an answer according to God's unchanging Word. May we be able to withstand the assaults of Satan and expose his deceptive schemes during this crisis hour.


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 Re: New Book: Hath God Said? - on the emergent church movement

Brother Elliot has spent a lot of time in prayer, study, etc., on this subject. There is no doubt that the Emergent Church Theology is becoming a dominant movement in the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world. I look forward to reading the book and learning more from the Holy Spirit regarding how we are to contend earnestly for the faith and be more prepared to give account for the faith "that was once for all delivered to the saints." KM

 2013/6/12 23:05

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 Re: New Book: Hath God Said? - on the emergent church movement

Thanks for sharing this as well. I just started reading it and hopefully will get thru it. Would appreciate hearing other comments from those reading as well.

james thorpe

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 Re: New Book: Hath God Said? - on the emergent church movement

Thank you for sharing Brother Greg.
This e-book should be massively distributed online to open the eyes of many.
Be fruitful, multiply and fill the internet with this e-book.



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