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 Paul Washer

Can somebody please repost video link where Paul Washer warns of persecution coming to America. That would be the dramatized version with the piano.

I feel we need to listen to this warning again.


 2013/6/11 11:12

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 Re: Paul Washer

There are a few:

"Persecution or a Great Awakening" - Paul Washer

Paul Washer - Persecution: Is It Coming, How Do We Prepare?1

Persecution Is It Coming How Do We Prepare by Paul Washer

Coming Persecution To America Paul Washer

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You must mean some type of over-arching persecution where the Christian church as a whole in America is being persecuted openly. The reason I say that is "all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution".

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I believe that the persecution that is coming is going to be backed by the 'church.' By those liberal (not political necessarily) church-goers that know nothing of grace, but only know liberalism. Think about what is being preached in the mainstream today--tolerance. And those who are not tolerant are viewed (and more so in the future) as bigots and haters of people. They will believe that they are practicing justice and doing God a service by attacking us. I am no prophet, but I were to have a guess, that is what I would say.

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