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 Revelation in the mind

I have never wrote an article or anything like this before. I was just writing it down for myself, but I thought I would share it with everyone. If you see something you feel is wrong please point it out.

Today so many people come up with new doctrines and methods. How does this happen? It comes from their mind, not the Spirit of God. After we are saved, we seem to instantly know God’s voice. God may tell us to visit someone, share our testimony, or give something away. When we are first saved, we just know that it is God speaking to us. We cannot explain it, we just know. Where has the simple obedience and gratitude gone?

After we have been “churched” for sometime our head begins to be filled with religious terminology and scriptures. What I mean by churched is being involved in religious activities and religious environments. (All of which is great.) The young believer is beginning to get a foundation under his feet. Now instead of just simple obedience, he tries to use logic with his new learned religious terminology and scriptures (which again is good in a sense. Try all things…. (1John 4:1).

Now that we are getting more versed in the Bible we have a whole new mindset (or should). We do not think the same at all. All things are truly new. With a solid foundation he now stands on, he begins to get prideful as though he has done it. God has clearly spoken before in times past and he remembers exactly what it was like. So much that in his mind he can even mimic it. This is where deception begins to creep in. Now that we know so many verses and what God’s voice sounds like, we begin to get revelation in the mind, not of the Spirit (which is God’s method). Revelation in the mind is not from God. God speaks to our spirit.

How many of you have had a problem at work and couldn’t figure it out? You kept thinking about the problem and then (WHAM!) the answer comes. Isn’t our mind amazing? God has made it so great and full of logic. How many Christians have done this: meditate on scriptures (which is good) and then (WHAM!) revelation comes. But is it of God? Or are you just putting scriptures together the same way you solved the problem at work, using logic? So many Christians have erred by doing this. Their mind is so great and vast they now have formulated a new doctrine. Many doctrines and movements have started this way. Let me reiterate again that God speaks to your spirit, not your mind.

God speaks to our spirit and then we comprehend it in our mind. But the spirit is always first, never does God flash thoughts into your mind. He always speaks to our spirit. So how do we get away from just revelation in the mind and receive revelation in our spirit? The answer is something that has been taught (but forgot) in every Sunday school: prayer and the Word of God. Prayer is the key to receiving revelation in your spirit. To me there are two parts of prayer: the prayer walk, and communion. The prayer walk is the constant communication with God. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing you are conversing with God. Communion means the sharing of intimate thoughts or feelings. Communion to me is when I am literally on my knees praying to God. At this time, He shares His thoughts and feelings to my spirit. The Word of God is a divider of the soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12). The soul is your mind, will, and emotions. Your spirit is what is raised from death when you are born again and is alive to God. You must fill and feed on the Word of God constantly. Your life must revolve around prayer and the Word of God. This is something that I cannot teach or explain. The Holy Spirit has to reveal to you the difference of your mind and your spirit. I can show your scriptures but this will never do. You must receive this from Him. I think many teachers would benefit if they knew this, instead of trying to teach it all themselves.

So please examine everything. Make sure it is not just a revelation of the mind, but a revelation from God.

Josh Parsley

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