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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Position or anointing?

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 Position or anointing?

 2013/6/3 12:47

 Re: Position or anointing?

 2013/6/3 22:34

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America's Heartand



Good word. It is spot on.

This two sided dichotomy you refer to is the challenge we all must face within ourselves on a daily basis. Two sides pulling at us and we must choose unto which we will give our souls and beings to.

It has ever been so. In the garden there was the tree of eternal life to partake of. However, the tree of knowledge of good and evil also seductively called to God's creation. The man and woman would have to determine unto which they would surrender themselves. A position or the anointing... to recast it in your original language.

Again, it is a good, timely, and extremely important word you have communicated in this thread.

Thanks for sharing it with everyone! Blessings to you!

 2013/6/4 9:13Profile


Dear brother Solomon and bro Neil,

Thank you for your replies. Just so you know Neil, I feel the same way about you. The Lord has knitted our hearts together in a way that only He can. This is the work of the Holy Spirit building His Body and this, I believe, is the true characteristic of brothers in Christ, brothers who would rather harm themselves than harm their brothers.In my opinion it is quite rare. Oh that those who confess Christ would love in such a selfless fashion.

Brother Solomon. Thank you for your word. It made me stop and ponder and I see that in my own post I stopped short at Cain and Abel, and that you have rightfully identified the root of this " position versus anointing." Now men love position in life and it is seductive. They love the praise of others and they love to sit at the head of the table. Yet, the love that Neil was expressing is the kind of love that gives me his seat at the table!!!! Even men of the world have their version of it and Jesus said that greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

So our question would need to be, do we love like this? Would we take the hit, would we rather harm ourselves than harm our brothers, would we even lay down our lives for our brothers for even some of the world have done this? If you love your position here on this earth, if you love the applause and the place at the head of the table, it is impossible for you to love like this. Dare I say that you cannot love two masters, your position in this world, and I am talking about matters of religion, and the anointing, which births such a love. David proves this in a spectacular fashion when Saul wanders into his cave. He even repented of cutting of a piece of Saul's robe, wow, this is the mark of a man after God's own heart.

Now if that is the high standard of mere men, what is the standard of God.....

Rom 5:7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.
Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Would you die, would you give up your position, would you disregard what others think for a righteous man? Well you are possibly in the company of the better ones of this world. Yet, to walk in anointing, you would give up your life for an unrighteous man, a man that has offended you, a man that does not measure up to your standards. This is the anointing love, this is the love that repents of even cutting a piece of the robe...........bro Frank

 2013/6/4 19:29

 much "meat" here

where do I begin?

first...and as God is my witness...I take your bullet Frank, you DO NOT take discussion on this, simply because you remember, when I was felled by that dread illness, a foul bacterium ....and I was in the ER, laying on the gurney....2008....a 105 degree fever, I insisted they tell me truth...told them NOT to worry, i'm a good patient, I just don't like lies....and they said, "You're fifty-fifty, and we have to do immediate exploratory surgery, we might have detected a necrotic mass in your left ankle, and if it is, we have to remove your foot".

what happened next IN MY SOUL, was Jesus...I was ecstatic!! was what Paul wrote in Philippians...I didn't know WHICH was better. to be with the Lord, or stay here!! there was no fear....none!!!

I called for the chaplain....they thought to have weepy prayers over me...No! no no no! I wanted to rejoice, AND I wanted a brother IN Christ to rejoice with...oh, I frightened that dear man to pieces...though my three week stay there, I called for him, he never came back to me.

At that point, two things happened, Jesus FREED me, like He "frees the prisoners"...from what?..from the bondage of the fear of "death".....AND, at that moment, I experienced something I believe is called "eternal assurance"...there was NO DOUBT in my soul, I was going to be with God....meaning Heaven. God the Holy Ghost assured me of that....not that I was asking Him....he just let me know.

I think sometimes people use Jesus, as a cheap "get out of hell free" card.

Saints, is not the Privilege of loving Him here enough?....I cant describe what i'm trying to say adequately....but what im saying to you Frank is this...I have been to that ruddy Cliffside..."Fifty-Fifty", therefore I would PREFER to take the I would PREFER, say you lived up here....and we prayed over "starting" a Work for Jesus...of course, we ask Jesus to Pastor this Work....that's just a Given, as far as i'm led....but as far as nominal "human" leadership?

I esteem you greater...and I fear God, therefore you would HAVE to take the "human" reins...sometimes in that great Revival Psalm of 24..."who shall ascend the Hill of the LORD?...."...I get uncomfortable....i'm quite aware of my own inner nature, and though this awareness is present, I get under the Blood....and the Blood is wholly sufficient to cleanse of ALL name is not "Uzziah".....

Bless God for threads like this...please let me be "real"...please let me embrace a Love for God and a child like Faith...I don't care to argue this doctrine and that doctrine....All I want is Jesus, all I want is to be among the company of saints in the Heart of John 17, The high Priestly Prayer of Jesus, worshipping in love and truth and being One with Him, and knit fearfully together with my brothers and sisters.

Bless the Lord O my soul....

 2013/6/4 20:26

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