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 Be a Servant Always - Till the End of Your Earthly Days Zac Poonen

In 2 Kings 3:11, we see a beautiful title given to the prophet Elisha by others in Israel: “He who used to pour water on the hands of Elijah.” Each time, after Elijah had finished eating, Elisha would bring some water and pour it for Elijah to wash his hands. He did that job so regularly and faithfully that others observed it and gave him that title! That is how Elisha started out on his ministry.

God will test our faithfulness in little things before He commits a ministry to us. Joshua had served Moses faithfully for many years before he became the next leader. Timothy served Paul faithfully and became an apostle.

Elisha was not known as a great preacher or a great prophet when he started out. He was known only as a servant. Many young people miss God’s best because they look for fame in the ministry and not for the opportunity to serve others.

Jesus taught us by His example that we should wash people’s feet till the end of our lives. It’s not that we begin by washing people’s feet for a few years and then move up to more senior ministries! No. We are called to wash people’s feet until the end of our lives. We must always be ready to do the lowly tasks.

Jesus said that He had come to serve others and not to be served by others. Be a servant always - till the end of your earthly days. If you want to be a servant of the Lord forever, be a servant of people forever. Always consider yourself a servant of others and nothing else. When you serve the Lord, others will be kind to you and serve you. But don’t ever take any delight in that. Don’t ever look at them as your servants. They are your brothers. Be willing to serve them and to wash their feet. Most preachers today have become “lords”, and that’s why the anointing has gone from their ministry.

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