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 "Commenting on the Tragedy in Oklahoma" -by Terry Tramel

I haven’t posted in awhile but thought this article was really worth sharing!

Commenting on the tragedy in Oklahoma-

Here is an article by Terry Tramel

The Pen of a Ready Writer - When a tragedy like this takes place almost everyone has something to say and many people suddenly become a theologian. I have refrained from posting anything on facebook for the last 24 hours. I finally posted the only words that were on my heart and mind: "Jesus Wept." A dear facebook friend commented that many people were asking how a loving God could let something like this happen. This was my response to her a moment ago: I believe that our "loving God" is no more pleased with the way things are in this world than we are. If Jesus was literally standing today in Moore, Oklahoma before He said or did anything I believe He would weep as He did at Lazarus' grave. This must be true if He is indeed the same today as He was then. His miracles while on earth give us a hint and a hope of what He will do about the sorrows and sufferings on this planet when He returns. In Luke 13:4 Jesus spoke about a tragedy that had happened in His day. A tower had fallen on 18 people and killed them all. Some were suggesting that this must have been an act of judgment and that they surely were worse sinners who deserved such a fate. The Lord replied, "No, but except you repent, you will also likewise perish" (13:5).= This tornado was not "an act of God" but rather a devastating consequence of living on a planet that is groaning and travailing with daily reminders that its inhabitants chose to live for themselves and their sins instead of their Creator. = It is human for us to ask God "why?" - but never with a closed fist of accusation, but rather with open hands while knowing He is our only hope and refuge in a troubled world.= Job's "friends" were helpful the first week after his calamity struck that included the loss of his children. During those first seven days they were present, but said nothing. It is when they started offering erroneous theological explanations that they added to his sufferings. I thought about what I should post on my facebook page, but I couldn't even type "Apples of Gold" or "Point to Ponder" - all I could post was "Jesus Wept." One of the first people to "like" this post was a friend whose house, cars, and all possessions were completely destroyed. My prayer for them and all others who experienced even the far greater loss of loved ones is that they will feel our "Loving God" weeping along side of them and that in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, they will know He will bring hope, healing, and life out of the ashes of their lives.

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