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If you woke up on planet earth today..... if you are still breathing in and exhaling.... if you see the sunrise this morning....if you are reading this sentence.....then you have an opportunity. Today is an opportunity!

You can use this day to increase in knowledge by study or wisdom by application or receiving mentorship. You may also use it to take steps toward a major goal in your life . It is then more near your experiencing it. You can start eating better, exercising, and creating a better health, vitality, and energy in your life. You can mend relationships with others that may have been broken thus giving you peace with those you interact with.

Today is also an opportunity to sow into the lives of others. You can share love and encouragement with some who need it. You may be the ray of sunshine that enables them to face this day! Who is the coworker that could use a pat on the back and kind word to help them. By taking the opportunity of today and sharing it you may become the most important person in their life on this Friday. Who is the family member that you have not talked to in a while because the relationship is strained? Today is an opportunity to call them up and repair that breech. You may find that by making the first move they are then thrilled to embrace you in their heart and heal the discord. Who is the person you are aware of that is less fortunate and in need of a helping hand? Today is an opportunity to pour something into their life that may change them for the good and release God’s provision for you. Who is the person that crosses your path and does not know Christ as their Savior? Today is an opportunity to pray for and share your faith with them. You are the one that may be the difference in their eternal destiny being one of life or death. The opportunity to be an answer concerning their eternity is in your hands.

All of these things are golden opportunities presented to you in a gift called “today”.

What will you do with this opportunity of today? Many are just glad it’s Friday! Nothing wrong with that. However, the opportunity of today is so much more and carries such vast possibilities. When the sun sets tonight and you pillow your head what will you have done with the golden opportunities presented to you in the next 15 hours. What will you have done with the opportunity we call today?

Lord Jesus, teach us to number our days so that we may value them as the gifts they are. Golden opportunities to grow, learn, bless others, and share our faith so people can be brought into your kingdom for time and eternity. Amen.

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