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 Milton Green Quotes

“Falling away” simply means that people turn away from faith in God and begin trusting other things. These other things become idols in their hearts, “golden calves” which they depend upon to lead them through this life and then into heaven. People who have fallen away begin calling something church that is not the church. They begin calling people Christians who are not Christians. Almost every funeral service is preached today as though the person who died has gone to heaven. But the Bible says, “straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which lead to life, and few there be that find it” (Matt. 4:17).

- Milton Green

When people look at the Word of God from any standpoint other than God’s point of view, they have tunnel vision. Tunnel vision causes them to gather around only a part of the Word of God rather than the whole counsel of God. They will also have a Pharisaical attitude of “we have ALL the light.” Then their religious structure becomes an idol in their hearts. They cannot be led out of darkness, because they will not receive any truth that conflicts with their doctrine. This is exactly how an idol in someone’s heart causes a veil to be over their face today. They do not have spiritual eyes to see, or ears to hear, and they cannot understand God’s Word.

- Milton Green

The Pharisees loved their religious system more than they loved Jesus. Therefore, the words Jesus spoke could have no place in their hearts; their religious structure had their hearts. If they had loved God and if He had their hearts, they would have received the whole counsel of God’s Word and could have been led out of darkness. They could not receive any new light, because they thought they already had all the light. Therefore, they did not have ears to hear, eyes to see, nor because their religious system had become their whole source of truth.

- Milton Green

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