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 Re: Responsibility & Fallibility

I agree with the spirit of what you have shared Travis. This is a concluding paragraph to an article which I wrote some months ago which I hope sums up the same sentiment.

"There is a dual responsibility for every saint of God and Christ. Firstly to labour according to God’s calling, secondly to dress in readiness. The labour is collective and distributed amongst the many according to God’s own distribution and determination. The dressing in readiness is personal and carried out in secret, which is to say in the heart. It is not possible to put aside the ministry of God’s Word any more than it would be wise to refuse to dress in readiness. Neither will the labourers be put aside nor will God compel anyone to dress in readiness. Unfaithfulness of either the labourer or the member will not pass without consequence or cost. The greatest responsibility in the body of Christ lies with those who are given as men to the body in the ministry of the Word of God. Many of these men will continue in their greed and unfaithfulness right until the end of this age. Only persecution will sift them. And even then some will deny Christ rather than obey. They will not go away however and so we have to know how to walk ourselves and at the same time trust in God’s choosing of His labourers for the purpose of the building of His house. Of these labourers no one is more equipped to cause stumbling than the prophet. Not a fake prophet, but a false prophet. One who turns God’s people away from God! God Himself will permit it and by it will sift the hearts of men so that in the end those who love truth will become the visible church and those who are become faithless will believe the lie and fall away."

One of the most remarkable things about the prophetic ministry is not "forth telling", but laying snares for generations of men by speaking the truth according to God, regardless of how it may be received by men. Some do repent and the one who speaks seems like a fool though he were dead. Others will not repent and the one who speaks seems like a judge of men though he were alive still. For the true prophetic man there is no such thing as acceptance and popularity. As strange as it may seem I can easily believe that Smith Wigglesworth did share something of a reality of end time events. There are many who quiet independently, have a living hope which is contingent on the here and now, and without knowledge of what others have said; believe the very same thing. I can also believe very easily that another brother, be he in remembrance of his childhood or moved by the Spirit, could affirm such a word previously spoken and in so doing set a snare of God for the purposes of God in this day. The full article in the link above will explain what I mean more fully.

 2013/5/15 17:13

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