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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Recognizing a Strong Delusion

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 Recognizing a Strong Delusion

A simple definition of a "strong delusion" is when sound doctrine is determined by what "suits our desires." When men turn their ears away from the hearing of the truth and still heap to themselves teachers - they are looking for "freedom" from the truth - not IN the truth. God Himself accommodates this move by sending a powerful false assurance that ALL IS WELL! We begin to FEEL "the love"! And we find much company in our new liberty! We are finally able to enjoy the world's MSG! Mono Selfium Glutton ate! The world's MSG is the spice of life that makes all carnal food taste good. It's all about a little more skin, a little more sensuality, a little more glamor and giddiness. "The Candy Man makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious....because he mixes it with love and makes the WORLD TASTE GOOD!" A major symptom that shows we are under the effects of a "strong delusion" is the ability to take pleasure in unrighteousness. Another symptom of a strong delusion's influence is when "truth" becomes"legalism" and "self denial" becomes "self-righteousness!" Strong delusion turns spiritual liberty into self serving licentiousness and saving grace into self fulfilling gratification. Beware of the world's MSG - it may really spice up your life - but it's affect will be deadly!

Alan and Dina Martin

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 Re: Recognizing a Strong Delusion

Not delusion.


Delusion will/is centered in deception,just as it was in the garden.

Just like it was with the incarnation of Jesus.

Those with the "correctness" spirit were the pharasees. They hated the new thing God was doing.They hated the miracles.They counseled Jesus and his followers to do right and obey the law.
Even at the birth of the church in the upper room,they mocked those that were drunk in the spirit and acting crazy.

This is present today.

Jesus and the HS cannot be deceived.I can.Doctrine will lead man into deception.

Only one safeguard.The baptism of the HS,and walking with Jesus intimately.

The 5 foolish virgins were only foolish in intimacy.They were just as obedient as the wise,except HS.

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San Diego

 Re: delusion

Many years ago, a Christian friend asked me this question.

"If you found out tomorrow that the Christian message was not true, would you still believe it?"

The conversation was going toward the question of what is the best truth. If there were something better than the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is only reasonable that I should pursue that. A true God would want nothing less for me than that I learn and pursue things that are true and right, like Paul admonishes in Phil. 4:8.

And so in my walk of over 60 years, I have discovered new and better truth usually when I least expect it. I have had one major theological shift which changed the way I think about things, and many smaller revelations that have enhanced, solidified, and clarified my walk and love for Jesus.

And still- I have delusions! Do I want delusions? Certainly not! It is a constant point in prayer that God would show me where I fail to hold and live in the truth, that the eyes of my heart be enlightened.

Because I love truth, I trust that God will not send me strong delusions, but will actually remove them from me.

But I would be a fool to think that I have all truth, and no need to learn any more.

One of the reasons I love this forum. Bring on the truth! And If I see something that smacks of deluded thinking I just might address it.

Do the same for me!

Tom Cameron

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