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 New Featured Sermon: Lord Let Your Fire Fall! by Edgar Reich


Brother Edgar shares a convicting message from the exhortation of brother Paul the Apostle to be a living sacrifice. He shares the old Testament type of what a sacrifice is and how the Lord is calling us in the New Covenant to be a sacrifice for our Lord. He shares many sins and reasons why we do not allow ourselves to be a sacrifice.

Lord Let Your Fire Fall! by Edgar Reich

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 Re: New Featured Sermon: Lord Let Your Fire Fall! by Edgar Reich

Definitely a must listen! This part of the message really stood out to me:

“Fire is falling in the underground church of China…the preachers don’t know how to take care of all of the new people coming to the Lord. Isn’t that wonderful? Now when you talk to a Chinese Christian it’s a different experience. A) He talks Bible only, he talks in psalms and hymns, he talks about the Lord. He doesn’t have time for sports; he doesn’t have time for television. Second point, he’s prepared to suffer; he knows he’s hated because of his witness. C) He’ll witness anyhow. And, you might be embarrassed when you’re with him because he’ll witness to everyone surrounding you. And then point D, he’s prepared to die any moment; he’s ready to give up his life for the Lord. And point E, he’s always on the lookout for police, because he’s prepared to run; and Matthew 10:23 says, “But when they persecute you in the city, run to another.” So these Chinese run from the police to tell the gospel even more to others.”


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