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 I Want To Be Like You Lord

I Want To Be Like You Lord

Thousands of times a day,
I hear many of my children say,
I want to be more like you Lord
These cries do not please my ears

For the call they do not obey.
Christ came to be crucified
to suffer and die for others was his cry
Yet we want to be holy just like Him
yet never suffer or lose a limb.

Why do we think we are being so obedient
trying to act holy in front of lost men.
Yet we do not follow our masters way
who came to die to share the way of life

Do we shut the doors of the kingdom tight
with our holy looks and sanctified tones
As the pharisees of old we follow their way
head upright and neck stiff and tight.

When will the body of Christ hear again
the call of the Lord to die for them
lost millions around the world
who never have heard the name of the Lord.

We will truly be holy when we suffer this way
When we lose all for the sake of these.
Then in that day the Lord says
I will be pleased with their cries.

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 Re: I Want To Be Like You Lord

Right thoughts. Did you put this together, brother? Thanks for sharing.

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