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 New Compilations


Fire on the Altar I consider to be a brother website to this blessed address.

Think of the riches both offer.

I want to lift up my prayers to the Throne of God for my dear brothers Greg and Chris who established these outposts of God in a sea of cyber wickedness, keep these servants of yours holy dear Father, keep them sanctified in Jesus' Name.

God gave me a pair of comps over there, "Hosanna" and "Passion"...."Hosanna" is my most favorite comp God ever gave me, one Saturday night last week, the Holy Spirit laid it on me at 9:30 at night, by one in the morning it was done.


 2005/3/12 13:59

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 Re: New Compilations

These are really moving Neilgin. "Hosanna" has a real tender embracing spirit about it, while "Passion" is quite motivating.

These compilations pack alot of food in them. I think you have motivated me to try one of these...kinda an extension of my meditation life.(By the way, who was the main speaker in these?)

Maybe I'll begin with a few poems by Amy Carmichael...



Mike Compton

 2005/3/12 23:57Profile

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

 Re: New Compilations


Neilgin1 wrote:
Fire on the Altar I consider to be a brother website to this blessed address.

Think of the riches both offer.


Zeke Oosthuis

 2005/3/13 0:01Profile

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Chicago IL USA

 Re: New Compilations

[url=]AWTozer compilation[/url]

Check out the Tozer one it's a blessing...scroll down a bit when you get to the sight and you will find it.

Good Stuff, Like the Ravenhill's from Greg too
and My Sorrow by Eric Gilmour...

Good Stuff
Just watched this one and it's got the message on it... check it out it's audio/video

[url=]Watch this one Psalm 101 [/url]


 2005/3/13 1:06Profile

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WOW guys I just listened to this compilation and it is awesome. I think it is one of the better ones I have heard. [url=][/url]

There is a part in it that has a girl crying out in prayer... wow.... its amazing.

Josh Parsley

 2005/5/2 20:07Profile

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