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 Wars and Rumours of War ...

In light of current conflict and ONE in particuliar in the Asia pacific region i was reminded of this passage from Matthews account of Christ's life where it is recorded from the Words of Jesus (himself) * you shall hear of WARS and RUMOURS of WARS: but see that your NOT troubled (by it)

(See that your NOT troubled)

For Nation shall RISE against Nation, and kingdoms AGAINST kingdoms!

For all these things MUST come to pass, but the END is NOT yet.

Such things however are indicative of *the beginnings of sorrow*

We are witnessing tough aggressive threatening rhetoric - accompanied by what miltant actions will be deployed. "if and when" provoked by an aggressor Nation.

Which could impact other nations to be drawn into battle as a result of all this rhetoric and almost daily on -going talk of possible strikes ( if provoked)

All these kinds of things (and talk) must actually come to pass (according to the bible and biblical prophesy) - but the end is not yet.

Conversely though: the END may just be in sight (Mmm)

Because Jesus lists matt 24:6-7 with a time known as (the beginning of sorrows) and ties it all in WITH numerous OTHER end time events (with it)

Ive "personally" always held to the belief the year 2012 was never going to be the End (as such) but rather the beginning of something . But that SOMETHING would NOT occur until the closing out of ( twenty twelve) 2012

Its just my OWN conviction of course brethren:

That said ive always strongly contended 2012 would be a significant year and turning point (even going back to the year 2007 i posted an article about 2012) being a calendar year of special significance.

I never thought it would be armegeddon or christ's return per se (though)

Yea not for a split second did i entertain the thought 2012 was going to be the END (as in the end of it - all) However i was willing to go on record as having said and penned the words (and put it out there)

But i always knew in my (heart of hearts) in light of this though that too many scriptures and prophesies of the scriptures remained "unfulfilled" to be in anyway ALARMED! that being said i just (knew in my knower) something was special about the year 2012 and going into those years (that would follow after it) I still do (actually)

But it wasn't so much the year itself (twenty twelve) but its closing Out - that in course brings something IN (rather)


See that your not Troubled (by it)

For the END - IS not yet.

But an end in sight ( may well be)


(spiritual food for thought)

Bro Stephen

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