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brother, the article ITSELF is phony, false, unreal.

such a briefing and its content never happened.

follow the trail and attribution, nothing of the sort happpened.

The very fact the US military is shifting its doctrine to regard Christians as enemies of the state should say something.

THATS what the article from the "Alliance Defending Freedom" on the site WND wants you to believe....and who is the ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM?


while homosexual marriage is DEFEINITELY not in God's Plan...they are a one issue pony...and now it seems they want to paint the military as 'lead oppressors'.

i dont the end game to all this disinfo, but it sure smells pretty hellish.

be careful.

 2013/4/7 10:51

 Re: Blaine

Neil at some point the remnant believers in this country will be declared as enemies of the state. Brother this is a given. I believe this is what Paul Washer was warning us about in his message. This is what I was conveying in my post. There is a hostility toward the things of Christ in this country.

The ACLU and the LBGT are only the tip of the iceberg. While not advocating conspiracy we are rushing toward a greater darkness and those who follow Christ in America will be persecuted.

We cannot keep persecution in N. Korea and China. Nowhere does the New Testament say believers in America are exempt from persecution. But I fear the American church is ever asleep. And those of us who warn are the raving lunatics. God open up the eyes of the believers in America.


 2013/4/7 12:01


Collin indeed God is raising up a people who will confront and over come the evil one. This will be done by the blood if the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and not loving their lives even as unto death.


 2013/4/7 12:43


Blaine, only because its you, am i going to repeat what i wrote, and you can believe me, or not.

The original post is disinfo, and any "hostility" at this point "christians" feel they are being meted out, is that which results from mucking about in the varying POLITICAL sideshow hot button issues of the national landscape.

Being screamed at, or given the middle finger, or having nasty op-ed's written at "christians" because they speak against homosexual "marriage", or oppose abortion is NOT might be bad manners, but its persecution.

a bullet to the head, having your door stove in at the two in the morning and bundled up for a night time train ride to a gas chamber in the middle of the desert .....thats persecution.

Before THAT REAL PERSECUTION comes, there will be a time, when the very people who write and lobby for websites just like WND, or the org that foisted that "we're persecuted" line, such as the "Alliance Defending Freedom".....under the banner of "we're christians, look how we're persecuted"....are going to do a POLITICAL power grab....then they take a statue of Jesus, and/or the Cross, cloak it in an american flag, name this abomination, "the church of america"....and make an unholy matrimony of both state (military and economic power) with "religion" (institionalized), and anybody that does NOT "yes and amen" this horrendous beast whore WILL be put to death....because after all, who can "defy god", right?.....start with Constantine, study about that hellishness.....what about every single "state church" since then?...BEGOTTEN OF THE PIT!!...every time i hear the word, "theocracy", i can hear just underneath that word, the gates of hell creaking open.

so i'll write this just one more time, the article in the original post is disinfo, most of what comes from WND ITSELF is babylonic disinfo...the coming persecution in america will come from WITHIN this new so-called 'church'.

your tip off is when you read websites that proclaim to "defend the word"...or "watch the wall" if God NEEDS man to defend or protect Him....thats your tip off, which is about 95% of all these public 501c3 ministries, who then will bring out the verse, about not muzzling an ox when its treading grain.

 2013/4/7 13:35


Neil I cannot comment on the authenticity of the srticle. And I am not into draping the cross around the American flag. Not do I believe the Kingdom of God is the United States of America. Nor do I believe Jesus is going to rule from 1616 Pennsylvania Ave.

But bro let us assume the article is not ahtbetic. Does that still negate or cancel out persecution for believers here in America. Neil you know since 9/11 various Congressional Acts and Presidential Executive Orders have been signed which basically revoke Passe Comitatas and pave the way for US troops to be used on American soil in the event of martial law. The President in signing the National Defense Authorization Act has declared Americs a battle ground and Americans as suspected terrorist.

Neil all of this is common knowledge. You can Google this. Prisons like Guantanimo are operating. There was a time when the Federal Government denied Americans their Constitutional rights, siezed their possessions, and put them in detention centers. When was this? After the attack on Perl Harbor. The US in a matter of months erected detention centers and imprisoned thousands of Japanese Americans. An unknown fact that the political, evangelical right won't admit.

Even if the article is not authetic there is enough on the books to make one concerned. Concerned that they should wake up and realize persecution will come. And we need to expect this. We proclaim another King. And his name is Jesus.

Brother I emphasize that persecution is not only in Nigeria and N. Korea. We need to awaken to the reality that persecution is on our door step. Know I am not advocating taking on a Federal tac team. But I cry to this forum that we need to be in the word and prayer and be prepared to take up our cross for Jesus.

If we are not dying to the sensual desires of tbis age and dying to our patriotism and nationalism. What is going to happen when the real heavy stuff does start. My guess is the nominal saint will not have to worry about the 2am knick at the door. (Actually bro it may be mire like 4am).


 2013/4/7 14:21

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Central Alberta, Canada


Well, it is being talked about....


Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists

By Todd Starnes

A U.S. Army training instructor listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, Fox News has learned.

“We find this offensive to have Evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church to be listed among known terrorist groups,” said Ron Crews...

Read more:


Before the WW2 conflict, all the signs were there about Hitlers intent...but not many listened to them. Some families got out in 1935 like my family did out of Eastern Europe (Croatia). Don't know that I would be sitting here writing this if they didn't...

...but I'm glad they did; I haven't been told everything I'm sure, but it doesn't matter. I am glad that I am here to say I believe in God's only Son...and that I am grateful for that.

concerning the coming persecution...

I like what David Wilkerson had to say:

There is simply no possible, failsafe way to prepare for what’s coming.

Of course, God will prepare His people concerning what to do, how to act wisely, and how to lay aside what is needed. But that should never be the focus of Christ’s Bride.

I assure you, if you’re making spiritual preparations – getting your heart in order, dealing with sin, calling on the Lord with greater intensity, trusting in His word, building up your faith – then your readying yourself for anything.

You’ll be able to face a depression, losses and privations, calamities all around. You’ll be ready for all troubled waters, floods, fiery furnaces, persecutions, crop failures, droughts, shortages, and sicknesses. But most of all, you’ll be ready to hear the trumpet of God in the last hour. You’ll be prepared to march into the wedding feast to be untied with Christ...

...I believe the covenant that God has made with us holds the secret to perfect peace, no matter what storm may come.

and I just want to say concerning the Jew and Israel:

There is a remnant of Israel that will be saved: comes...

One day ALL Israel will say: "blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord"

...and then they will seek Him and shall mourn for Him in anguish and deep repentance as a nation. God forgives them for all their sins and for their backsliding, and remembers them no more; He washes them in the Blood of the Lamb so that they will be clean.

God allows the foundation of repentance, and allows a broken and contrite and humble spirit within that they may repent, so that they may return to the God of their salvation fully, with a pure heart, and with clean and undefiled and holy hands - for the Lord will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon Him whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one who mourns for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

Is this not written in Zechariah the prophet?


 2013/4/7 17:32Profile

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Political Correctness has removed our ability to protect ourselves against unreality. Now those with government authority can attack us with unreality at will.

Mike Compton

 2013/4/7 18:19Profile

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Ok, as I put this post up, I need to say some things firstly, I quote Bearmaster

'In the article, one of the soldiers who was a Christian, said he was offended that evangelical Christians were considered a threat by the US military. Actually we should consider this an honor to suffer for Jesus. In persecuted nations the believers consider it a high honor to suffer and ultimately lay down their lives for Jesus.

Indeed Bearmaster what you say is correct, however and I mean no disrespect but to say this is one thing, to be tested in it is another. And I do believe we will all be given the chance in coming months/years.
It is by the power & strength of His Spirit that we will be able to stand, no flesh will stand in persecution.

Matthew 24:9 does suggest this is to be expected, hence why I included it.

'Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake'. (KJV)


2 Timothy 3 v 12

'Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution'. (KJV)

When I said sad days, I meant towards the lost & how far from the truth these accusations against the church are. However what else should we expect? especially from the Lost, we should expect these types of things from the world.
So interesting way you put it Bearmaster indeed we should expect it & ultimately grow from persecution as a result.It is coming and should not take us by surprise.

Secondly HezWelling you say this is based on no truth and that we are to look into things before we post.

I agree, and if this article is not truth I am sorry. I did not look into it just posted it straight away having read it. There are dangers to this & certainly felt rebuked and challenged on this point. So noted and thank you.

Remind you all that we do as SI instruct before we post. I didn't and will certainly not post so Lightly & frequently as I have in the past, without first seeking God in prayer before hand.

Having said all this, things of this nature are going to happen and become more frequent. Persecution is coming to the west and we are to seek after the Lord & His will, being guided by & walking in his Spirit.
This is the only way we are going to stand in the coming fires of persecution. But praise God He will see us through & as a result His church will be purified and we will draw near to Him as a result.

call on him while he is near, seek him while he may be found. Blessings tomo07.


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"The original post is disinfo, and any "hostility" at this point "christians" feel they are being meted out, is that which results from mucking about in the varying POLITICAL sideshow hot button issues of the national landscape."

Indeed. I read the news, but only to be informed. I will not let the "news", even news from an "evangelical-ish" website distract me from my real business.

"Before THAT REAL PERSECUTION comes, there will be a time, when the very people who write and lobby for websites just like WND, or the org that foisted that "we're persecuted" line, such as the "Alliance Defending Freedom".....under the banner of "we're christians, look how we're persecuted"....are going to do a POLITICAL power grab....then they take a statue of Jesus, and/or the Cross, cloak it in an american flag, name this abomination, "the church of america"

I agree again. I read an article written by Mr. Farrah of WND where he was strongly encouraging churches to teach concealed weapon and self-defense classes. He thoroughly chastised churches for not doing this. He said that church has failed to teach basic doctrine. I agree with that, but to place the idea of grace and mercy in the same breath as violence to defend our way of life is heresy. This article was clearly another Gospel. And so many Christians read this website thinking it honorable. Christ came into this world humble, He exited humbly but He will return in glory. Our job, in the meantime, is to get as many people as we can on board.

Mr. Farrah's self defense class would get no further than the Sermon of the Mount. If they could ignore that, then it should be stopped by Romans 13. Why would anyone read anything on this man's website?

Matt Smith

 2013/4/9 13:38Profile

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