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 Edgar's North Korea Message

Dear saints could someone please post Edgar Reich"s msg on "The Great Suffering of N. Korean Christians". It is under Edgar's audio sermons. But I do not know how to cut and paste this.

Thank you so much.


 2013/4/4 10:58

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 Re: Edgar's Last Message

Here is a link to that message you are referring to brother:

The Great Suffering Of North Korean Christians by Edgar Reich

Description: Brother Edgar shares a sobering word on the plight and sufferings of precious brothers and sisters in the Lord in North Korea. He shares many testimonies and stories of these believers as well as religious system of Juche over the people which worships the leader of the country as a god.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2013/4/4 11:21Profile


Greg thank you for putting this up.

Saints if you can please listen to this 30 minute message by our brother Edgar on the suffering church in N. Korea. Then join me on persecution watch as we intercede for the church in both N. Korea and South Korea.

The war rhetoric stemming out of N. Korea is coming out of dark hearts under demonic control. I believe Satan is putting up distractions of war to keep people from praying what is on God's heart and that is the salvation of souls on the Korean Pennisula.

At one time Korea was known as the Jerusalem of the Pacific as this nation was fervent in their desire for the things of Christ. Even after WWII and the communist takeover of the north. A remnant of believers still clung to the cross of Christ.

At one time the church of S. Korea was a praying church. A sending church. But Satan countered with materialism and a prosperity gospel exported from America. Thus the vibrant zeal of the S. Korea church was stffled in prosperity. No longer does one bear of the praying S. Korean church.

Yet God has preserved a remnant in the N. Korean church who bear the cross if Christ. These precious saints have endured through suffering, persecution, and martyrdom. Now Satan will stop at nothing to destroy the Korean church and take with him souls on that pennisula who have not heard about Jesus.

Saints I invite you to come and change the eternal destiny of Korea tonight and call out for the gospel to go forth bringing down demonic strongholds. And setting hearts free in Jesus Christ.

Call is 8pm CST. The number is 209.255.1000. Canadians can call in on 559.670.1000. Access is 109083# for both numbers.

We can impact the eternal destiny of nations through prayer. It is said the things that endure for eternity are the word of God and the souls of men and women. Please cry out both if these things for Korea tonight.

Blaine Scogin
Persecution Watch

 2013/4/4 12:51

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Well Sir,

I can't phone from England, but prayer is prayer, whatever the time.

God bless.

 2013/4/4 13:16Profile


Dear saints for any who are led prayer call for Korea starts in 10 minutes. Number for US callers is 209.255.1000. Number for Canadian callers is 559.670.1000. Access is 109083# for both numbers.


 2013/4/4 20:54

 Re: Prayer Call Tonight 4/5/13

Dear saints tonight will be another prayer call for N. Korea. If God so stirs your heart you are invited to come and pray. The call is 8pm CST. Those in other time zones please adjust your calll in times accordingly. US callers please call in on 209.255.1000. Canadian callers please call in on 559.670.1000. Access code is 109083#.


 2013/4/5 19:22

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