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 The film of "The Gospel of John"

with all of the attention on the filmed version of the Bible...i just found a youtube link to a very Beautiful, word for word Film, made, "The Gospel of John"....i wish to share this with you, beloved brothers and really is, well Made, and i pray it can record This onto your HD, God love you all, neil

 2013/4/3 10:25

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 Re: The film of "The Gospel of John"

I agree this is one of my favorites. So well done. I own it but thank you for sharing it here for others who may not.

God bless

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 Re: The film of "The Gospel of John"

Yes, this movie is very well done, it is the best gospel movie I've ever seen. I have the DVD and there are two versions on it, a 2 hour version and the full 3 hour version. The longer version covers the entire book I believe, both versions are, as you say, word for word from the NIV.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: The film of "The Gospel of John"

That was probably one of the best made movies to date on the life of Jesus and has been out for sometime now but has never really received the attention one would think a movie of this caliber should. Very good post neil.


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