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 Sovereign Protection of God by Zac Poonen

In Jeremiah 26:20-24, we see something of the sovereignty of God. There was another prophet named Uriah at that time, who was not so well known. He also prophesied the same message as Jeremiah did. When the king heard of it, he tried to kill that man (v.21). Uriah heard of this and ran off to Egypt. But King Jehoiakim sent people to get him from Egypt and they caught Uriah and brought him before the king – and the king killed him. But God sovereignly protected Jeremiah. “Ahikam, the king’s secretary stood with Jeremiah and persuaded the court not to turn him over to the mob to kill him.” (Jer. 26:24-Living) Both these prophets were preaching the same message faithfully. One was killed and the other escaped. This is something like what happened to James and Peter. James was killed but Peter was freed (Acts 12). We may wonder why, at times, God permits one faithful servant of His to be killed and another to escape! This is because God has a different plan for each person. God’s planned ministry for Uriah was over. God’s plan for Jeremiah’s ministry was not. What we learn from this is that if you are a faithful servant of God, you don’t have to worry when people are trying to kill you. If God’s time has not yet come for you, He will preserve your life in one way or the other! You cannot be killed before God’s time. God gave Jeremiah favour with one of the king’s secretary and he saved Jeremiah’s life. The God of Jeremiah is our God too – and He will do the same for us as well! Hallelujah!

In Jeremiah 38, we read of Jeremiah being thrown into a well full of quicksand, because he was preaching that Babylon would come and capture Judah – and the king and his officials did not like to hear that. Jeremiah sank into the mud and would have died soon. But again we see the sovereignty of God preserving the life of His servant. An African man named Ebedmelech went and spoke to the king and asked for permission to pull Jeremiah out of the pit and pulled him out and saved his life (Jer. 38:6-13). God has his agents in the most unlikely places whom He uses to serve His faithful servants. And because Ebedmelech helped Jeremiah, God promised him that when the people were captured, he would escape (Jer. 39:16-18). God will not forget even a cup of cold water given to help His servants.

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