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 My visit to 7th Day Adventism

I took a trip up to upstate South Carolina during Easter weekend. Part of the reason why my nephews birthday. He turned 6 on Thursday but we celebrated on Friday.

This is my wife's older sister and family. They are 7th day Adventist's but it is more on her husband since his side of the family are affiliated with them. Usually when we visit them and then attended church on Saturday( Their Sabbath) I will go with them just for the visit. So I did and we went to Sabbath school, as they call it. Sunday school is what others would call it.

What I found ironic immediately is my brother in law played with his cell phone during half of it. I think with him the whole thing is simply tradition. His oldest sister takes it very serious. Very missions oriented.

I found only 6 teenagers in the church out of about 60 people? One thing that I found amusing and just plain weird, and I bet it happens in any church to a point is some of the topics discussed in Sabbath school. They talked about heaven. Conversation got on animals and how serpents were just yucky and conversation got kind of weird around that. Keep in mind no teenagers in the room. Ages were 50 or so on up. I also heard some talk about the soul not being immortal but only mortal but it was a short lived conversation.

An elder preached the message and used a powerpoint on Easter. I was amazed the contrast between Sabbath school and the preaching. Sabbath school could have been better if not for what I call foolish talking. The preaching was just ok for me but nothing stirring.

My brother n law's sister gave me the book 'The Great Controversy Ended...' Happiness digest series. Said it was my gift for visiting. I smirked a little but I figured I will read it just because it should be interesting to see where the dogma leads in this book. I am sure it will point to 7th day Adventism being the true church somehow.

The church was in Anderson, South Carolina. It is called North Anderson 7th Adventist church if anyone is familiar with that area? I have been to that one, one here in town and one in Miami Springs with them. The Miami was the best one but then again it had alot of people as well. I could never be 7th day Adventist but it is some fun to visit some of these churches just to see......

side note, my sister n law doesn't watch much tv at all. I flipped it on to watch some basketball and along the way came across some religious channels. I stopped to watch and saw on service in which people were dancing and going in circles. I was amused to continued to watch. I asked myself if this is of God. Why would it be and why would it not be. And then I saw the preacher come forward. Guess who it was???? Jimmy Swaggart. ha. Oh my!!

Just had to share


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