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 The Messsge of Red Dawn

Recently I felt prompted to watch the remake of the 1980's movie Red Dawn. While not into watching movies on television or television in generally. It seemed the timing to watch this movie was appropiate given the war messages coming oout of N. Korea. Actually I watched the movie before the war rumblings started.

The movie puts forth a a scenero where N. Korea invaded the northwestern part of the US. Along with the Russians who have invaded the eastern part if the US, the military infrastructure is taken out by an EMP device. The US military bogged down by budget cut backs cannot respond to defend the homeland. Thus it remains up to a brave group of high school freedom fighters to save the day. Ok that is Hollywood.

But at the beginning of the movie actual footage was used from news coverage that had to make a person wonder. Could such a thing happen? While not envisoning a Red Dawn scenero, one does have to wonder about the possibility of a foreign invasion of the US.

I only mention this possibility in terms of God's judgement. I am not so much worried about N. Korea reigning down nuclear fire. But an invasion of part of the county could be a viable possibility.

I think someone has rightly observed that after God has used natural and economic catastropbies to get our attention. And we have not listened. An invasion by an occupying power could be the next step in God's judgement. Can't happen?..Who would have thought 9/11 would not have happened.

I am not saying an invasion will occur. But the likely scenrreo portrayed in Red Dawn is disturbing. And one wonders what lengths God will go through to get his church to wake up in America.

My thoughts.


 2013/3/30 12:53

 Re: The Messsge of Red Dawn

the original story premise is that those are Chinese troops. not North Korean.

the film has a troubled history, it was sposed to be released a few years back, but MGM went bk, and distribution was halted. in the mean, MGM, deeperate for some, any form of financing, EVEN Chinese, "changed" the foe from Chinese to North Korean.

in a real world scenario, my dear brother, it is HIGHLY implausible North Korea can "project force" or as its known "force projection", the ability to move 100 to 200,000 combat troops over VAST expanses, penetrate national air defenses, and wage concentrated MODERN airland manuever warfare....they, the North Koreans do not have that capability....and thats not me, just engaging in an arrogant presumption of American military strength, and North Korean weakness's...its reality.

the original "Red Dawn"...1983?...that scenario? at the time was plausible...unlikely , but plausible. i could discuss modern warfighting and geopolitics all day long, but i dont think is the place, and i dont believe some would appreciate my read on this subject....the reason i posted to YOU, was to implore you, fret not brother...we're okay...for now. much love, neil

 2013/3/30 17:52


Neil I am in agreement and do not believe that a Red Dawn invasion will occur. Yet given the timing of the movie it does make one wonder.

No bro I do not fear. That is why I am convening the con call to pray against the demonics of N. Korea.

By the way I would love to discuss geopolitical tactics with you. Maybe one day we can meet at Brother Frank's house and do tbis. He loves military history. I confess a weakness to the Military History Channel myself.

Bro stay close to Jesus. Love your heart.

His love.

Blaine the Bear.

 2013/3/30 18:18


i love you too brother Blaine....Franks house sounds good, i get the basement......neil

 2013/3/30 18:48


Hmm. I guess I get the couch bro. Much ressurection blessings on you brother Neil.

Blaine the Bear.

 2013/3/30 19:25

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