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 The strange thing is...

Awhile ago I began to feel convicted about my attitude and heart when it came to sharing "opinions" or sharing my thoughts on a topic. I had been feeling very conflicted about all the debating and at time arguing that would go on and so I began to pray more about this. In answer to my seeking and praying the LORD clearly showed me this, "Maryjane you don't know everything." Well I had to agree with that because I don't know everything,even though there had been times when I behaved as if I did. I would jump into a conversation or give an opinion on a topic even if I wasn't really on solid footing where the LORD's heart was on the matter.

So I have sought to let HIM change my attitude in this area, I have learned(and am continuing to) hold my tongue, to guard my words and not to offer up solutions or answers or especially opinions on matters unless I feel HIM leading me to. I want the things I share to be of HIM and not self. Through all of this I have been truly surprised by the number of people who seem to get frustrated and annoyed if I don't respond right away. I have even had others ask if I am angry because I offered no opinion to what they had to say or share??? Its interesting but even with others who are Christians if I say "I don't know or I have to pray about that first" they seem genuinely annoyed that I didn't readily agree with them or at least give an opinion so they could continue on proving their points. I had this happen again and I wonder why it is as Christians some seem to get so annoyed with waiting on the LORD before they or I speak??? JESUS said to guard our tongue and also to captive all our thoughts, to me this means I really need to be in HIM before I speak or respond especially if I am speaking about something as important as HIS WORD and yet waiting on the LORD seems to be the last things some want to do.

Just an interesting observation. I have been thinking about this wondering have there been times when I have done the same thing, I am sure there have. Is it then a lack of patients on my part to want an answer or is there underlying desire for debate? I am sure FATHER has more for me to learn in this. Learning to be patient and slow to speak until HE leads me!

God bless

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 very wise

I believe it was the late Dr. Cole from the Moody Bible Network who used to say chose wisely your battles. Personally speaking...somethings are not worth the effort or time it takes to generate a proper response, especially in this form where full expression is difficult to convey. I suppose that these forums are a good place to cut ones teeth, so to speak, and garner skills on focused thought and sleepless nights in prayer over this subject matter or that subject matter, not to mention the referencing those topics cause all of its participants to engage in. The only thing I stay painfully aware of is the principles of God I may be in violation of or in some cases defending. Back in the day one could privately mail an individual an apology and than delete their public comments, I see it is no more the case as those features have been removed. I think passionate mistakes is A right of passage where one can be right and at the same time completely wrong, I think we have all been there and probably will be there again sometime in the near future as what appears to be God lifting His hand from this country becomes more and more evident. I haven't commented much on your posts sis, but have enjoyed reading them and sensing the passion behind them,God Bless and may He always give you the knowledge and its application of divine wisdom as you proceed forward......bro. daryl


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 Re: The strange thing is...

Mary Jane,

I would guess learning this principle is a lifelong process. One is always tempted to get off one side of the ditch or the other in issues. Then there is the debate...

I used to be very combative, I loved debate, argue issues but the LORD convicted me that this is sin! Romans 1:29: "Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, DEBATE, deceit, malignity; whisperers." Well...awareness of the existence of the inclusion of this trait in this verse came about the same time the Holy Spirit brought conviction in my spirit. I repented but it does not mean I have never succumbed to it since, but it is something I am learning to turn away from. When I see a potential argument coming I will usually walk off. At the least not say anything. It is impossible to tell a person what she should do every time because of the leading of the Holy Spirit may ask you to respond.

When I was in training at CPC we were told to not debate opinions but to limit our aggression to Biblical commands. The example given was about education: it is no use to debate the issue of education if a person is away from God. And even if she is close to the LORD, education will not save a person nor enhance one's walk with the LORD. Understand what I am saying? What really matters in light of eternity? The devil loves to get us all in a stew about peripheral issues that have no bearing on our eternal destiny. Like "is N.Korea going to send missiles our way?" (I hope not...) In other words, God wants us to be calm and wants us to cast our cares upon him. Unless we are calm we will not be able to hear his voice.

God bless you, Mary Jane. It is refreshing to hear how God is changing people from glory to glory...:-)


Sandra Miller

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